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HTC One X, One S Handsets Causing Trouble For Owners?

Some early reports from early adopters who purchased the HTC One X and HTC One S models overseas are reporting some hardware concerns right out of the gate. While HTC touted the bold design of their One device line, recent reports are streaming in showing problems with both devices. In a video taken by CNET UK, the HTC One X screen flex shows noticeable… Read more

HTC DROID Incredible 4G Spotted In The Wild

At this point we can’t say we know very much about the next-generation device in Verizon’s DROID Incredible lineup. There have been rumors here and rumors there, but nothing all that concrete about the DROID Incredible 4G except for a name. The boys at Android Police are working to change that however, as a “trusted source” has swooped in with a bunch… Read more

Verizon To Implement $30 Upgrade Fee Beginning April 22nd

Verizon may have listened to feedback and nixed their attempts to start a $2 bill payment fee at the end of 2011, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try and initiate other fees. Starting on April 22nd, Verizon will introduce a $30 upgrade fee for upgrading to a new device on your account. Sayeth Verizon: This fee will help us continue to provide… Read more

Instagram Android Update Welcomes HTC One X Users To The Play

Another day of Instagram updates welcomes HTC One X users to the party and thankfully so. For all the Instagram news we’ve seen lately, you can’t fault these guys for slacking as they’ve already released an update after news of their Facebook purchase. Today’s update brings the usual set of bugfixes with added support for Tegra 3 tablets and handsets,… Read more