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Another update coming to the Eris?

Looks like another update is coming out for the Verizon Droid Eris. Unfortunately, not Sense 2.1 but a couple of bug fixes. This update should take care of some waking and connection problems. Rumors are saying it will be just a little over 5 MB and will update the build to 1.17.605.1 CL104882. Via:… Read more

T-Mobile acknowledges the N1′s 3G issue

Little after people started receiving their Nexus Ones the complaints went out. Most of those complaints were that the 3G signal was weak and somewhat non exsistant is some spots. The customers that are shouting out t0 T-Mobile and Google are the loyal Android users that had a G1 or MyTouch and know what they were receiving before. Our friends over… Read more

Droid security flaw found

Just when things are great for Android people start finding flaws. It is apart of being a bigger operating system so don’t feel bad – unless you have a Droid. There was a flaw discovered on the Motorola Droid that could let someone access your data on your device, even if you have a lock pattern. How, you ask? Through a call, the person is able to… Read more

BEWARE: Malicious banking app on Andoid

Some scarce information had presented it self this weekend about an app that has hit the Android Market that could be malicious. First Tech Credit Union has discovered a group of apps circulating the market made by a user by the name of  “Droid09″. The apps are most likely phishing for account numbers, passwords, or what ever else they can get their… Read more

Survey says! Android stirring up the mobile OS world.

I always enjoy when fun surveys come out of the wood work and show us all what the rest of the world thinks of the Android mobile operating system. A survey conducted by ChangeWave shows us just how big Android has become. ChangeWave surveyed 4,068 consumers from December 9th through the 14th and gathered the following statistics: 4% of… Read more

Spotify finding home with Android 2.1?

If you are in Europe and have an Android device then you will know just how nice it is to have an app like Spotify at your disposal. For the Android users in the U.S. though we could only hope for some love. Rumors flying around (via TechCrunch) are suggesting that the Spotify app might find it’s way here. The aggressive negotiations with labels over… Read more

Google not wanting to sell the Nexus One?

Nexus One (Engadget)

 With a long anticipated presser from Google on January 5th alot of you want to think Google will announce the sale of the Nexus One on Google Checkout. Will Google sell the Nexus One? Well, BNET seems to think, “NO”.  They have published a well versed article as to why they think Google will not sell the N1 to the public.  In the Article they make… Read more

Mirage/Shadow, 1080p and HDMI?

While doing my daily rounds on the interwebz I came across a wonderful post on BGR. BGR is starting the rumor of a project by Motorola for a new Android phone coined the Mirage or Shadow. The fun part of this rumor is the stats they have on this device. They have loosely translated the device to have a 800 x 484 – 4.3 inch touchscreen, 8 megapixel… Read more

Softpedia’s top five Android phones of 09

2009 was a wonderful year for the Android mobile operating system. We saw many good looking devices hit the market and hit them hard. With tech sites finally understanding what Android was made of, the little endeavor by Google made a splash with 1.5 and above. Softpedia – a software download and news site – decided to take the first shots at naming… Read more

“Google Phone” will be supported by Google and HTC

Just when you think the new year couldn’t get any better, TMoNews releases a leaked screen shot of T-Mobiles Streamline, informing employees of the up coming “Google Phone”. The screen shot has bullet points noting: Support for this device including troubleshooting and exchanges will be managed by Google and HTC. T-Mobile will offer service… Read more