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AT&T Reps Instructed to Sell Anything But iPhone

It’s easy to say iPhone sales have significantly slowed on AT&T, growing only 3% in the last quarter. The common rumor was just that everybody is holding out for the next generation. AT&T may have other motives, though. According to BGR, regional retail sales managers have been ordering that store managers push for sales of Android or Windows… Read more

Pantech Marauder Coming to Verizon, Qwerty Keyboard and All

Verizon unleashed its next first-time buyer smartphone, the Pantech Marauder. This qwerty-slider is specifically intended for the first-time user who has never had a smartphone, let alone an Android phone. It comes with two different modes: starter and standard. Starter mode drops down the number of home screens with preset icons and widgets, designed… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Begins Seeing Ice Cream Sandwich

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you may very soon be seeing a screen similar to what you see above. That’s right, the 10.1 has officially begun receiving the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Now, not every model is receiving it. In fact, only the Wifi-only UK model and the Italian 3G model are receiving it at the moment. But one can assume that the… Read more

Samsung Product Chief Says “Consumers Want Rectangles”

It’s always good to hear from the other side of any story to get a broad perspective on who’s right and wrong, even if you think you already know. So this time Wired sat down with Samsung Product Chief, Kevin Packingham, to see his opinion on the issue. When asked how he feels about the litigation, he had much to say: In terms of patents, we have a… Read more

Sony Allegedly Working on a “Xperia Tablet”

Sony has been a hot topic in mobile tech right now. With Samsung using them as a scapegoat for their fight against Apple, and their phones/tablets not exactly taking off as they would hope, Sony has been a dark horse of sorts in this spectrum. However, Sony’s new “Xperia Tablet” seems to be quite a powerhouse in the tablet market. To break it down… Read more

Google Adds NYC Subway Alerts to Google Maps

Google has begun reaching out to the over 200 million people who use the Big Apple’s subway system each year. Google is looking to alleviate some of the headache that comes with this form of transportation. Now Google Maps will show alerts if the train you’re waiting on is skipping stops, not running at all or even rerouted. In addition, Google Maps… Read more