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Sprint EVO 3D Begins Receiving Ice Cream Sandwich Update

If you have an HTC EVO 3D and can’t wait any longer for Ice Cream Sandwich… it seems you don’t have to. Android Central’s forums are reporting that they’re seeing the update right now. Now it may take a bit for everybody’s phone to find the update; however, it’s a good sign that people are seeing it at all. If you have an EVO 3D, go ahead and check… Read more

Galaxy Note to T-Mobile August 8th

Good news for all you T-Mobile loyalists who have been patiently waiting for the Galaxy Note, which until now has been posted as “coming soon.” According to TmoNews, the Note will make its way to the magenta carrier on August 8th for $249.99 on a two-year contract. This pricing comes as no real surprise considering AT&T has their variant posted for… Read more

Defcon Hackers Say Encryption Has Nothing on Them

Defcon Hackers have revealed a problem with Android’s native encryption service installed on all phones on Android 3.0 and up. The irony, however, is not in the code itself, in fact the hackers say the “encryption is good.” The problem lies within the user. To clarify, the encryption uses the same password that the user creates to unlock the phone,… Read more

LG Optimus 2X Will Not Receive Ice Cream Sandwich

Contrary to popular belief, and LG’s words, the Optimus 2x will not be receiving Android 4.0. LG has been saying the 2x will receive it since 4.0 was initially announced. However, a recent tweet from LG Canada puts to rest those ideas stating that the initial statement was only “general statement issued from HQ.” This shouldn’t come as a huge to… Read more

Apple vs. Samsung Official Trial Starts Today

After a year of seemingly daily legal battles between the two smartphone giants of the world, the official trial begins today in the United States. As a recap, Apple claims that Samsung has been “wrongfully enriched” by “slavishly copying” Apple’s designs and intellectual property. Samsung was quick to fight back stating that Apple is trying to… Read more

HTC Closes South Korean Office

HTC, today, has decided it will be closing its office in South Korea. Apparently, competition is just too stiff in Samsung’s home country. It doesn’t come as a surprise though, as HTC has had financial issues as of late. Also, Canalys analysts believe that HTC had only a mere 1% of the South Korean market share even with its well-acclaimed One line. To… Read more

Google Fiber Already Has Over 3,900 Pre-Registrations

Google’s latest endeavor as an Internet Service Provider seems to be taking off, in many sorts. Google asked for people to pre-register so that they could know where to focus their initial rollout the most. These neighborhoods with the most interest will obviously receive the service first. And, as expected, people are showing huge interest in the first… Read more

Samsung Reveals Photon-Esque Design for Prototype iPhones

The lawsuits may never stop. This time, Samsung is up to play. Samsung has revealed that Apple may not own the designs they claim at all. Samsung unveils a series of iPhone prototypes which have some strikingly similar designs to Android devices, such as the Motorola Photon. The kicker here is that Samsung is claiming that Apple actually took their… Read more

Samsung Brings Back Local Search to the International S III

It seems the honey badger and Samsung have something in common. They don’t care. Despite Samsung removing the local search feature on all Galaxy S IIIs, both U.S. and international, it has already restored the feature on the world version. The feature was removed due to one of Apple’s patent lawsuits stating that it infringed on Apple’s “Siri” patent…. Read more

Google Handwrite Let’s You Write Your Searches

Google, who has always been a search giant, has found an even more convenient way to make searching for all those miscellaneous facts faster and easier. Instead of simply typing (or now speaking) your searches, you can write them out. This will make things easier for people who hate typing on a touch screen as they don’t have to constantly check their… Read more