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Sony Xperia Z Review – Part 2

Welcome to part two of our overseas colleague and Editor-In-Chief of our sister site pulling double duty as he completes his review of the Sony Xperia Z. Cam’s full video review of the latest Sony Xperia Z, covers the display, camera and hardware design. Don’t forget to watch the complete unboxing from last week, or check out part 1 of… Read more

Sony Xperia Z Review – Part 1

The first part of Cam’s full video review of the latest Sony Xperia Z, covering the display, camera and hardware design. A big thanks to our overseas colleague Cam Bunton, Editor-In-Chief at for taking some time to run the gauntlet with the Xperia Z. You can check out Cam’s complete unboxing from last week, or check out part 1 of the… Read more

Sony Xperia Z – Unboxing And Hands On

Our very own Managing Editor Cam Bunton is switching sides this week as he takes a look at the Sony Xperia Z. Cam is going to take a spin around the hardware and give his first impressions on the software and user interface. We’ll back soon with a full review of the latest and greatest out of Sony’s current flagship Android… Read more

ASUS unveils 7-inch FonePad and 5-inch PadFone Infinity [MWC 2013]

ASUS – this morning – lifted the veil on its two latest entries to the tablet and smartphone market. The 7-inch FonePad is essentially a tablet that can make phone calls, and the latest in its PadFone series: the Infinity. FonePad – 7-inch Tablet The FonePad features a 7-inch, 1,280 x 800 IPS display, a 1.2 GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM and runs… Read more

HTC One official promo [video]

On the back of the HTC One announcement, the company has released its first short promotional video. It highlights all the key elements of the phone, from its impressive machined aluminum body to the stereo speakers and new BlinkFeed and Zoe services. Check it out. What do you think of what  you’ve seen so far? Are you planning on ditching your… Read more

HTC One shows up yet again in leaked press render and hands-on video

We’ve seen plenty of leaks of the rumored HTC One (or M7). The rumored next generation flagship for the Taiwanese tech firm looks like a beast, and if it lives up to the specs and performance of the One X and One X+, it should be something of a monster. Design-wise it looks vastly different to the previous devices. Machined grille holes virtually cover… Read more

32GB Nexus 7 appears on Staples’ Advantage system for $250

We were all excited to see the long-awaited Nexus tablet land on store shelves, when it came in 8GB and 16GB flavors only, many of us were a little disappointed. What if we actually wanted to install apps or – heaven forbid – download movies on to the device? We’d be up smelly creek without a propelling device. Thankfully, speculation and evidence has… Read more

Samsung Galaxy SIII – Hands-On and initial reaction [gallery]

Today has been a long one. At least it has been over here in the UK. Samsung just dropped the Galaxy SIII bomb in flamboyant style. They hired Suzi Perry to MC, and the London Philharmonic orchestra to play music in the background. There’s no doubt, the event was wired to make us get all excited and giddy. The final reveal was either the icing on the… Read more