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Google’s Project Glass begins testing out in the wild

We’ve heard about Google’s augmented-reality glasses in the past, but up until now it’s just been a rumor born from Google’s secret labs. But, it looks like employees from Google X, one of the labs within Google, are ready to start talking about their plans, and they want you to be part of the conversation. They’ve just started a new thread this morning via… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Sprint training slides break cover

Verizon’s exclusivity over the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung here in the States is running out, and Sprint is the next carrier to get their hands on the device for their own personal network. While we still don’t have an exact launch date quite yet, that’s not stopping the rumor mill from spilling out information that leads to the belief that it is coming sooner,… Read more

Google Nexus Tablet supposedly surfaces

The leaks just keep on coming. If you aren’t a fan of the HTC-branded One Series device rumored to be announced tomorrow, then maybe a peek at what Google’s Nexus tablet could look like will pique your interest. But, let’s be clear: there’s no way to confirm that this is real, by any means. So let’s get that salt shaker ready, shall we? You’ve heard… Read more

HTC One for Sprint render rumored to find its way online

In one day, HTC and Sprint are expected to unveil a brand new One series device that should bring plenty of attention back to Sprint and Android fans who have been waiting for a high-end Android device to land on the network. While nothing has been confirmed quite yet, there have been plenty of rumors going around, obviously, and this morning we may have… Read more

HTC Rezound for Verizon only $50 for a limited time

Verizon loves to offer up their devices for a deep discount for a limited amount of time, so it’s not a real surprise to see a handset like the HTC Rezound dropping quite a bit. Of course, like those other discounts in the past, this one is just for a limited time, too, or at least that’s what Verizon would like you to believe. They’re promoting it on… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Pocket finds its way through the FCC

Perhaps more than any other smartphone manufacturer out there, Samsung knows how to fill the gaps. The know that creating devices that fill niche markets is a good plan, or at least it is for them. It seems to be working for them, at least. And that’s why they’ve got a phone that measures in at 5.3-inches, and why the new Galaxy Pocket, which has made its… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note in white for TELUS coming April 4

The Galaxy Note by Samsung is making its rounds across the world, which Samsung is more than happy to point out to everyone. But for those of you out there under TELUS’ wing up in Canada who aren’t a fan of the original color scheme of the 5.3-inch device, you’ll be happy to know the white version is making its way to your network of choice very, very… Read more