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App: Android HIFI Lets You Stream Audio From AirPlay

AirPlay is a proprietary streaming protocol, locked down to only work with Apple approved products (not Android), but that never stopped anyone. The RSA private key for AirPlay was extracted by a developer, which now allows third party apps to decrypt AirPlay streams. Meaning any non-Apple approved device can now use AirPlay. This is where Android… Read more

GSM Galaxy Nexus Gets Stable CyanogenMod 9 Designation

CyanogenMod 9 has become officially stable for the GSM Galaxy nexus (Maguro). This means that the team has deemed this ROM pretty much bug free. Their standard for stable is very very high, so you know what this means. However, I don’t quite see a reason to ever flash it. After using a Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean, I don’t think CM9 could ever be an… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q Leaked For T-Mobile

The original Galaxy S Blaze was a worthy mid end phone, performing very well. Why not release a QWERTY version? Well the leaked Galaxy S Blaze Q seems to be exactly that, except with a pretty good spec boost. This new device is rumored to sport the ever so popular 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4, 1GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, a 720p display of unknown size,… Read more

Samsung Patents Phone With Scent, This Isn’t The First Time

Samsung has patented another system for a phone that releases scents. This system contains a sponge filled with aromatic fluids. When triggered (assuming by a phone call), the sponge is heated to release the scents. And the docking station not only charges the phone, but also charges the sponge. I don’t quite get the appeal of smelling my phone calls,… Read more

Motorola Not Announcing New Phone Friday

Motorola asked people to “guess the smartphone” with clues they gave us. Everyone assumed this was a game Moto was playing to unveil a new phone. They said “Let’s play a game, Guess the Smartphone. We’ll give a clue each day all week and make the big reveal on Friday. I have the power of 4G LTE. Which smartphone am I?” and it sounded like that’s… Read more