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What Did You Get For The Holidays?

As yet another wonderful holiday season comes to a close, it’s time to head into the New Year with all of the shiny new toys we received. Android enthusiasts had a wide variety of devices and accessories to choose from, and we’ve seen more options to suit everyone and their needs. Personally, I received with a pair of gloves with capacitive fingers,… Read more

Instagram Reverses Terms Of Service, Won’t Be Selling Your Photos

Photo sharing social network Instagram recently decided to change its terms of service, with revisions that suggested the company may begin to sell users pictures to companies. Why anyone would buy the filter-destroyed photos, we may never know, but more than a few users reacted in a less than positive way. Instagram is now going back on their word, and… Read more

DroidDog’s DogGone Best Of 2012

We’re reaching the end of yet another crazy year in the Android world, and we’d like to celebrate by appreciating the best of the best. We’ll be hosting DroidDog’s DogGone Best of 2012, where both the DroidDog staff and our beloved readers will have the opportunity to voice what they think deserves the honor of the best 2012 had to offer. There will… Read more

HTC DROID DNA For Verizon Review: The DROID Line Makes A Comeback

Think back to a more simple time, one where the iPhone was the dominant smartphone. Android was barely a blip on the radar, T-Mobile and Sprint, the two smallest carriers, were the only ones to offer handsets running the green little robot. Then, in the fall of 2009, Verizon and Motorola teamed up to jump start what would later become the most popular… Read more

Viddy Hits Google Play, The Video Instagram

Yes, you did read that title right. There is yet another social network for you to follow, catch up with friends, or laugh at cat videos for a few hours. Viddy for Android, essentially the video Instagram, has hit Android. That’s right, a new way to share videos with your friends. I know, you’re thinking “it’s just another YouTube.” Not so, dear reader,… Read more

Google Sound Search Now Available In The Play Store

Google Sound Search (also known as Google Ear) isn’t the most widely known of Google’s services, but that doesn’t make it any the less interesting. For those unfamiliar, it listens to a song being played, then links it to Google Play Music accordingly. Shazam-like service has been in Google’s back pocket for quite awhile now, but many haven’t had an… Read more

Verizon Expands Its Device Return Window For The Holidays

Picking the right phone is always a hard decision, but at least one carrier is trying to make sure that you find the perfect fit. Verizon is extending its return window for phones purchased during this holiday shopping season, effectively allowing anyone who purchased a phone from November 22nd to December 25th until January 15th to return or exchange… Read more