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Official Jelly Bean Leaks For The Original Galaxy Note

With all the hype surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, it’s sometimes easy to forget the original. Samsung hasn’t given up on the device yet, as a new build of the official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 test firmware for the original phablet has leaked. There is a caveat however, as this update is only for the international variant of the Galaxy Note. Flashing… Read more

Google Play Shows 8 GB Nexus 4 Won’t Be Shipping Until 2013

Google has quite the mess on their hands. Yesterday, when they put more Nexus 4 stock up for sale, Google Play simply couldn’t handle the amount of orders, essentially causing it to crash. Now it looks like Google really drained themselves with that last batch, as shipping times are currently showing 8-9 weeks on Google Play for the 8GB model. Well,… Read more

US Cellular Launches Its Own Variant Of The Galaxy S III Mini, Known As The Galaxy Axiom

US Cellular has kept its lineup pretty stacked recently with both the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, but they’re now looking to add another Galaxy device the other carriers don’t have to offer. Known as the Galaxy Axiom, it’s essentially a Galaxy S III Mini with LTE. That’s right, it features a 4-inch WVGA screen, 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note II On Verizon Finally Begins To Ship

While most carriers got the popular Galaxy Note II last month, Verizon was a bit behind. While they gave no definitive date, many customers who pre-ordered said that Verizon was giving them a November 27th ship date. Well Verizon stayed true to their word, and we can confirm that at least some Note IIs have begun to ship. As for a retail and… Read more

What Did You Buy On Cyber Monday?

Black Friday may be considered the biggest shopping day of the year, but that doesn’t mean that Cyber Monday doesn’t pull in more than a few people looking for good deals. Today we’ve seen at least one great deal, as Amazon had their original Kindle Fire for only $129. Considering the amount of hacking and whatnot that can be performed on the tablet, it… Read more

Lenovo Launches P770 In China, Set To Take On The RAZR MAXX

Over the years battery life on Android handsets has gotten significantly better, but some people need their phones to go the extra mile. Motorola launched the RAZR MAXX (and subsequently the RAZR MAXX HD) to cater to this niche set of users, or basically anyone who missed the times when you could go a few days on a single charge. Up until now, Motorola… Read more

Google Reportedly Sending Out The Next Nexus 4 Batch This Week

Google has seen massive success in sales with the Nexus 4, selling out almost immediately at launch. For those who didn’t get one at launch, you’re in luck, as it appears that Google is sending out its second batch this week. The web search giant sent an email to our parent site, PhoneDog regarding their order, and it has more than a few interesting… Read more