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Toshiba outs 13.3-inch tablet, Tegra 3 on board

Toshiba is looking to enter a new area of the tablet market, previously unknown until now. They just showed off a new 13.3-inch concept tablet at a conference earlier today. While the device does not power on, it is still said to be an Android tablet. Also on board is a Tegra 3 processor, giving the tablet 4 cores of processing goodness. Also shown was… Read more

Is it really a feature to have Beats Audio on a phone?

Over the past couple of months HTC has been using its deal with Dr. Dre and Monster with major Beats branding and audio “enhancements”. They out this as a feature, but I see it as more of a nuisance than anything. HTC is using it as a marketing ploy to sell more handsets, and while I wouldn’t call it false advertising, they make it appear as something that… Read more

LG Optimus Vu now being sold in South Korea for only $895

LG recently announced the large Optimus Vu, most likely trying to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note. Low and behold, the Vu is now available for purchase in South Korea, for a hefty 999,900 won (about $895). For that price you get a 5-inch display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Android 2.3. Expensive for something not all that special, but that’s just… Read more

Google’s Nexus tablet may be made by ASUS

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about Google launching its own tablet, branded as a Nexus device. From what we’ve heard, it’s going to be a 7-inch device and cost only $199. Now the world on the street is that ASUS is said to be making the device. It would make sense though, as ASUS has been known for the great quality of its Transformer line of… Read more

What I would consider my perfect Android phone

The Android world is filled with many, many choices. While choices are great, it can pose a problem for some. There’s no perfect device for many people. I’m among those people, and while my Galaxy Nexus may offer the closest thing to it, the device still isn’t perfect (at least for me). Sure, I do have a few friends who are perfectly happy with their device… Read more

Game Review: Roaring Skies

Nothing kills time better than a good Android game, but it’s always a disappointment to download a game that looks exciting but turns out to be a dud. Today we have something that’s a bit of a mix, a game of which goes by the name of Roaring Skies. It is a game about dog fighting in airplanes, taking place in World War II. Advertised as a real time… Read more

HTC’s Sensation line of phones won’t be receiving full Sense 4, instead ‘lite’ 3.6

Well, this is some pretty bad news for owners of any of the phones in HTC’s Sensation lineup. As many of you may know, HTC’s latest iteration of their popular Sense UI is known as Sense 4. It runs on Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android. It has been widely expected that HTC would be updating its more high-end phones to the latest version of… Read more