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Verizon And Amazon Partnering Up To Provide Another Ecosystem On Android, DROID DNA Is First

One of the best parts of Android is the fact that it’s so open, and Verizon Wireless has decided to take full advantage of that. Along with the announcement of HTC’s DROID DNA, Verizon has announced that they will be partnering with Amazon to provide their whole ecosystem in phones, starting with the DROID DNA. That’s right, a whole extra ecosystem on… Read more

Android 4.2 Supposedly Rolling Out To The GSM Galaxy Nexus

Well, it looks like Google might have a trick or two up its sleeve. With the two new Nexus devices becoming available for purchase in a mere few hours, it looks like Google decided that the new owners won’t be the only ones with Android 4.2. Some users are reporting that an update to Android 4.2 is currently hitting their Galaxy Nexuses. Sadly, this… Read more

Google To Sell Nexus 4 Bumper Case For $20

Google made a bold decision with both sides of the Nexus 4 sporting glass (just remember how many iPhone 4′s and 4S’ you’ve seen broken, it’s obviously not the best option), but they’re pulling a card from Apple’s book and will be offering a bumper case on the Play Store. However, the bumper case goes above what Apple offered, fitting in nicely with the… Read more

HTC DROID DNA Leaked On Verizon’s Site, As Good As Official

While we’ve already known that Verizon and HTC are hosting an event on Tuesday, it looks like Verizon let it slip what they’ll be revealing on their site today. Their news section revealed a “DROID DNA Unboxing” (since removed) slated for Monday, November 19th on Google +. This just about confirms what we’ll be seeing at Tuesday’s event. As a quick… Read more

Sony Yuga Leaks, May Be Their Galaxy Note Competitor

With the great success of the Galaxy Note, it makes sense that every phone manufacturer and their brother would want to get into the phablet market. Sony has yet to reveal anything, but that may change come CES. A new image of the Sony ‘Yuga’ has leaked, and it may give the Note II something to worry about. The device is said to feature a 5-inch… Read more

Sam’s Club To Offer Samsung Galaxy S III For Only $0.96

Black Friday and all its savings goodness is right around the corner, so there’s no better time to get a cell phone. Those looking to go high-end on the Android front but aren’t willing to pay $200 should look to Sam’s Club this Black Friday. A new ad shows that the store will be offering Samsung’s Galaxy S III for only $0.96, a steal considering it… Read more

Poll: What Phone Will You Be Buying This Holiday Season?

It’s that time of year again. Families are getting together. Presents are being exchanged (well, not quite yet, but it’s just around the corner), and geeks are buying cell phones. This year has been the craziest one yet, and there’s a vast variety of phones – both rumored and currently available – that will be vying for your hard earned dollars. On… Read more