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Eric Schmidt Says Android Will Turn the Tables on iOS in 2012

Eric Schmidt sat down at Le Web in Paris to talk about Android, among other things. He made some bold statements regarding iOS to a crowd dominated by Apple gadgets. Schmidt declared that “Android is ahead of the iPhone now.” The crowd stared back in silence. Schmidt explained that in terms of unit volume, price, and vendors Android is beating the… Read more

Verizon Adds Galaxy Nexus to Equipment Guide, Dec. 9 Launch Date “Official”

What’s that? You want more evidence for the December 9th launch date of the Galaxy Nexus? Your wish is our command. Here we’ve got a screencap of Verizon’s equipment guide showing the “Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE.” A lot of the info on the page is listed as N/A, except for one little important thing we’re all itching to know: the launch date. If you… Read more

Is Blind Type behind Ice Cream Sandwiches new keyboard?

You probably remember Blind Type. A while ago they showed off a video of their keyboard technology which was said to be so good you could type blind. Soon after the video Blind Type was snatched up by Google, and naturally we all hoped that meant we would see Blind Type in Android. Although Google never mentioned Blind Type when showing off the new… Read more

Best Buy Receiving Galaxy Nexus Stock Today

The evidence is starting to pour in from all sides now. In case you haven’t heard a phone called the Galaxy Nexus is supposed to arrive on Verizon soon. How soon? It’s beginning to look like that December 9th date is more and more rock solid. Android Central has a document that shows Best Buy is receiving it’s G-NEX stock today. It’s always a good… Read more

Yahoo Enters the Free Messaging Game with Yahoo Hub

Some people just want to be a part of everything, and apparently Yahoo is one of them. Not content to stand by and watch the likes of BBM, iMessage, and Google Messenger dominate the free messaging service landscape they have created their own app. The app is called ‘Hub’ and it’s available for all Android phones. It allows you to send messages to not… Read more

Google Voice Search Adds Hebrew and Arabic Support

Good news for any of our Hebrew or Arabic speaking friends out there! Google has announced that Voice Search now supports Hebrew and Arabic language, especially dialects from Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, and Israel. Google has trained the voice recognition engine with over a million phrases, but it will continue to lear as you use… Read more

Virgin Mobile ‘Venture’ and ‘Chaser’ Renders Leaked

Virgin Mobile is set to get some new Android phones to add to their lineup. Thanks to some leaked renders we can feast our eyes on two new phones. On the left we have the Virgin Mobile Venture, on the right is the Virgin Mobile Chaser. Both devices are said to have 600MHz processors, and 2.8″ and 3.5″ screens. These devices may be branded as ZTE… Read more