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WSJ confirms Verizon Galaxy Nexus will be priced at $299

We all saw it coming. With the introduction of dual-core processors and 4G data speeds carriers are trying to push the high end smartphone price from $200 to $300. Today the WSJ has supposedly confirmed what we already knew: the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be $299.99 on a 2-year contract. That’s according to “people familiar with the situation”… Read more

Sprint Addresses Carrier IQ With Internal Memo

Carrier IQ is all the rage these days, and rightfully so. Not surprisingly people don’t like to feel like their every move is being watched. Last week Sprint was one of the few companies to admit using Carrier IQ, so naturally they’ve stepped into the harsh light of this ever developing story. SprintFeed got their hands on an internal memo that informs… Read more

Motorola DROID 4 Passes Through FCC With LTE

So you want a DROID 3 with a MacBook keyboard and LTE? Lucky for you the DROID 4 is coming soon. Motorola is quick to replace it’s latest phones these days, and the DROID line is no exception. We’ve seen the DROID 4 a couple times already; it has a side-lit keyboard, looks a lot like the RAZR, has a smaller 4″ screen, and packs Verizon 4G LTE. The… Read more

Google Search and Firefox Partnership Unclear for the Future

The year has not been kind to Firefox. Once it sat as the darling child and easy alternative to Internet Explorer, but in the last three years since Chrome’s existence times have been tough. Recent reports put Firefox below IE and Chrome as the third most popular browser. The problem for Firefox is it’s most important partner and biggest rival are… Read more

Gowalla Confirms Being Purchased by Facebook

When most people think about check-in services they think Foursquare, but some people might think of Gowalla. Gowalla is a service similar to Foursquare that lets you check-in to places and share with your friends. Gowalla’s main feature is it’s “Social Guides” which help you discover cool things in many different cities. Last week it was reported… Read more

Another Motorola Tablet Passes Through the FCC, LTE on Board

Tablets are all the rage with Motorola these days. Earlier we had news of the new XYBoard DROID eye and accessories in Verizon stores, now we have some FCC filings. Nothing out of the ordinary to report here. You can see LTE and CDMA bands, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and a view of the back of the device. This could be Verizon’s XOOM 2 Media Edition. It… Read more