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Oberon Design ereader covers and sleeves

Oberon Design specializes in leather and pewter, producing original works that range from hair clips to journals. I recently got my hands on two of their ereader protection products, the Nook Simple Touch book-like cover and the large ereader sleeve, which I’ve been using for my Kindle 3 and original Nook. Each case runs $60 and features detailed design… Read more

Chromebook takes a big step forward

Computers running Google’s Chrome OS are seeing greatly improved functionality thanks to this week’s significant OS update. On the heels of yesterday’s Netflix announcement, Kindle launched their Cloud Reader, which allows for instant access from virtually any computing device (Chromebeeks are specifically mentioned on the about page). But that’s not… Read more

Google Dictionary integrated into search

I know what you’re thinking: “Google had a dictionary outside of Google Search?” And yes, they did. But very few people used it. So, in line with other recent fat trimming, Google has given the dedicated dictionary page the axe and has rolled over dictionary functionality into Google Search. I know, search was already the go-to source for definition… Read more

Watch Netflix using Chrome OS

Without a doubt, one of the primary concerns when considering a cloud-based computer system, like the first (publicly available) generation of Chromebooks, is the ability to watch long-form video. Until now, options were limited to YouTube, Vimeo, and other website viewers that generally consist of shorter clips. But now, Netflix instant view is… Read more

Google birthday Doodles for all!

Google’s ever-changing home page logo, affectionately known as the Doodle, has been adapted for many notable events through the years, beginning with a custom graphic to celebrate Burning Man in 1998. Since then over 300 custom Doodles have appeared, observing holidays; acknowledging technological, social, political, and artistic contributions to our… Read more

Rage Comic Maker for Android

A Reddit lover and Android developer called Tamas++ has responded to widespread craving for more Reddit-focused content in the Android Market by recreating Dan Awesome’s Rage Maker (or by constructing a very similar product) for your Android devices. Here’s my personal, crappy announcement regarding the app (didn’t know that I needed to hit return for a… Read more

Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro free from Amazon today

If you open up Amazon’s App Store on Android today you’ll see that Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro is the current free offering. The strategic dice game usually runs $0.99 for the add-free version. Gameplay consists of moving dice into a 4 X 4 grid in an attempt to create straights, number combos, and various collections of the multi-colored dice. Point earning lines… Read more

Johnny Carson’s greatest moments on YouTube

YouTube announced today the launching of an official Johnny Carson channel, and it’s chock full of classic and historic comedy moments. Tiny Tim’s wedding, Roseanne Bar’s first television appearance, Jim Carrey’s U.S. TV debut, and many, many more are available. You’ll also find the classic bits like Carnac the Magnificent. Steve Martin, a young… Read more