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Hero speed test and EvDo browser demo

I’ve had a lot of people contact me requesting that I run the speedtest app; both over EvDo and Wi-Fi. Results can vary wildly for both, so this really doesn’t reflect what you should expect. But you wanted to see it, so here it is. There is also a quick demo of the browser over EvDo. I have two Hero videos left: the camera review and final questions. I… Read more

HTC Sprint Hero: the browser

I ended up spending a lot of time on the browser because you all sent me a ton of questions about it and because it was the source of my most significant Hero complaints. After a factory reset, my focus has changed. The browser is actually fine under the right (unrealistic?) settings and circumstances. Sure, I’d like better performance, but this is no… Read more

Google Wave on Sprint’s Hero

If you have no idea what that title refers to, check out my 10-minute abridged version of Google’s very long Wave demonstration. Wave is fantastic. I’ve been using it on my laptop for a couple of hours now, and I am blown away. I just had my first real-time conversation, and the two of us in the Wave agreed that this is really going to change things… Read more

An Android for grandma

Check out this cell case at a website called Etsy, where people sell their own handmade items. I originally wrote that Etsy was the company that made this product, and that was incorrect. (Thank you for the clarification, Anna). It’ll run you $18, and can be tweaked to fit your Android of choice. This particular example was made for a G1, and features a… Read more

Acer Liquid A1 photos, specs, features, etc.

The first Snapdragon Android, and the first with a WVGA display, also comes with a 5 MP cam, 3.5mm audio jack, a slightly modified version of Android with some widgets and social network integration, and bonus syncing capabilities (like Outlook sync over Wi-Fi). The folks at cnet UK recently got their hands on the device, which will be available in red,… Read more

MotoDroid will run Android 2.0… or not

Will the Sholes/Tao/Droid ship with Eclair when it drops on Verizon? That depends on which tech blog you’re reading today (see more here). But this image from BGR – which is probably the best snap we’ve yet seen of the device – clearly indicated the phone is running firmware version 2.0. Via Android… Read more

It’s the Eclair delivery team!

Amidst scattered talk of a serious 2.0 release delay (like Q2 of 2010), a few videos have popped up from Google HQ – videos of the latest addition to the Android art installation on the Googleplex lawn. Does this mean Droid will ship with 2.0? Are multi-touch and Google Maps 4.0 just around the corner for the rest of us? My guess is that videos like these… Read more

Acer’s Liquid and Aspire One

Acer announced today two Android products; a touch screen cell phone dubbed Liquid – previously known only as A1, and a 10.1″ Aspire One notebook that is already up for pre-order at Amazon. Unfortunately, details are sparse. Here’s what we do know: the phone will ship with Android 1.6, a geo-tagging 5MP cam, and GPS. Most importantly, it features a 1GHz… Read more

Broncho A1 BlackBerry clone

Here’s another one from Leakdroid, and an odd one at that. According to the quote featured in the Leakdroid post, the Broncho A1… “feels good to use because it is designed to imitate Blackberry 9500, and the fuselage is the rear cover are all frosted, so the use of feeling pretty good (cottage mighty ah). The running speed is not equipped with… Read more

DEXT unboxed in the UK

Here’s a taste of the unboxing videos sure to pop up in the US in the coming weeks, although the box art is likely to differ. It’s the Motorola DEXT on the UK carrier, Orange. For those of us in America, the phone will be called Cliq, and will be on the T-Mobile network. Via… Read more