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Mac app: Tab for Google+

There is a new, currently free, app in the Mac App Store for Apple users in the Google+ fold. It’s called Tab for Google+, and places an icon in your OS X menu bar. Clicking it displays your Google+ stream by default, but there is a lot more to this drop-down than a simple feed. Created by the same people that produced FaceTab Pro, Tab for Google+… Read more

Preview Pane in Gmail

Google Labs may be phasing out, but that doesn’t mean new features have to stop rolling out right this minute. If you are longing for the new Mail app in OS X Lion, but are waiting for some bugs to be ironed out, or, if you just happen to like a dual-pane message view, open Gmail and go to Settings, Labs. Under that heading, you’ll find an option for… Read more

Lollapalooza live from YouTube

’91, Fiddler’s Green Starting today at 11:30 a.m. Pacific, YouTube wil be livestreaming the 20th anniversary Chicago, IL incarnation of Perry Farrell’s legendary Lallapalooza festival. The line-up includes Explosions in the Sky, Ween, A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Deadmau5, Eminem, Bright Eyes, Arctic Monkey, OK Go, The Kills, Beats Antique,… Read more

Kindle vs. Nook

Introduction: Full disclosure: I am a Nook fan. I have been since my purchase of the first Nook, and my experiences with the Simple Touch (unboxing, review) and Nook Color (review) have been, for the most part, very postivie. Though, I’ve found that e-ink is the best reason to choose an e-reader over a tablet for reading. (See my comparison of the… Read more

Admire geoglyphs via Google Earth

The work of 6,700 people across thirteen countries in seven continents is yours to behold, thanks to the tour contained in this 3.8MB KMZ file. Open that file using Google Earth, and check under your Temporary Places in the left pane. You’ll be able to take a tour of the 47-part collective work, entitled Rhythms of Life Land Art Project (as seen above… Read more

Google adds calling support for 38 more languages

Have you tried calling someone’s phone from within Gmail yet? Maybe you weren’t aware of the feature, which is accessible via the little green phone icon in the left pane chat list, amongst the camera video call and circular chat icons. Perhaps you haven’t seen one of those little phones because calling hasn’t been available for most of your friends… Read more

Google Tasks gains compatibility via Porter

Google announced via their Open Source Blog today an open source addon called Google Tasks Porter. It allows the export of iCalendar-, Outlook-, and Remember the Milk-friendly snapshots of tasks, as well as imports from those three formats. Porter does not facilitate live syncing, so it’s best uses will include grocery lists and chores, and other lists that… Read more

University of Southern Mississippi turns to the Tab 10.1

Students partaking in the University of Southern Mississippi’s Honors College pilot program, McNair Scholars, Southern Style and Gulf Coast programs this fall will be provided with one of a thousand Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s (review). The units will come bundled with educational software, like Blackboard Mobile™ Learn. Academic applications include… Read more

Poll: Are you interested in Mozilla’s Android-based OS?

A few days ago, SeaMonkey, Firefox, and Firefox Mobile company, Mozilla, announced that they are working on an Android-based operating system for mobile devices. The software would utilize Android for beneath-the-surface operations like managing hardware, but would feature a completely new UI. The “Frakenstein” OS is called Boot to Gecko–or B2G–and… Read more