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Google optimizes search results pages for tablets

Images from Google Mobile Blog If you search via from a tablet today, you might notice some format changes. White space, button size/arrangement, and text have been adjusted in order to make the experience cleaner, better looking, and easier to use. The update is rolling out for iPads and Android 3.1 tablets in the coming days and enhances… Read more

Nook to refresh retailer’s shelves

Barnes & Noble announced this week that their Nook Simple Touch (review) and Nook Color (review) e-book readers will be available from OfficeMax and Fred Meyer stores beginning this Saturday, July 30th. OfficeMax locations can be found around the U.S. Fred Meyer is a Pacific Northwest grocery and department chain. Price points are $139 for the… Read more

OK Go’s new video a Chrome delight

OK Go has had enormous success, due largely to the online popularity of their videos. The Rube Goldberg-inspired This Too Shall Pass and the virally explosive Here it Goes Again achieved the perfect combination of catchy tunes and funny/mesmerizing visuals for a guaranteed Internet sensation. But unlike their previous videos, which garnered praise… Read more

London Underground routes by Google Maps

Google announced today that Google Maps now offers public transport directions for London’s underground subway system. Searching for your destination and selecting the transit option will provide a map with the route highlighted and a list of transfers and trains. And for those running Android devices, the beta Transit Navigation service is available,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II promotional pack

I’m wasn’t expecting a box from Samsung, but one turned up at my door a few minutes ago… Oh wow, is it a U.S. version of Sammy’s internationally popular Galaxy S II, with its 4.3-inch display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8MP cam with 1080p video capture, NFC chip, Gingerbread and TouchWiz 4.0? No! It’s a promotional telescope that… Read more

Beautiful Android customizations

The ability to swap out primary interface elements and change the way Android’s home screens behave has always been a major draw for Android gadgets, but how many of us fully exploit the nearly endless possibilities? Just about everyone applies new wallpapers, and I think most of the users who read DroidDog have at least tinkered with with deeper… Read more

Gmail reminds you of security settings

Whether you use Gmail’s forwarding and delegation (account access for other users) for business or personal reasons, forgetting that one or both are enabled can result in some unfortunate circumstances. Changing of jobs, changing of relationships, and other life events that alter with whom and how you communicate happen. Unfortunately, remembering every… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 available 7/28 from Verizon

Samsung’s LTE flavor of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 (review of the WiFi model) will be available from Verizon wireless on July 28th priced at $529.99 for the 16GB model and $629.99 for the 32GB flavor. Verizon will also have a WiFi Tab 10.1. As part of a launch promotion, Tab 10.1 purchases will come with a $25 credit for Media Hub downloads. The VZW Tab… Read more

Quick Hangouts for Google+

Just a quick note about a new Chrome extension that enhances Google+: It’s called Quick Hangouts and adds a list of current hangouts (being hosted be people in your circles) underneath your “Start a Hangout” button. Now, if you miss a Hangout announcement, or if there are just too many in your Stream to keep track of, you can simply check out this new… Read more