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N2A makes Nook Color hacking easy

N2A (formerly Nook2Android) is a CyanogenMod Gingerbread installation that runs via an image that is sold on microSD cards. No software installation is required. Simply boot from one of the cards, follow a few simple steps, and your Nook Color will run as a complete Android tablet, Market access and all. When you’re ready to jump back to the device’s… Read more

Google+ Ultimate Chrome extension

Google+ Ultimate + Stylish + dark user style One of the cool things about joining a social network run by the creative force behind a bunch of other products you already use is integration. And having a Google+ notification panel visible whenever a Google web app is loaded is one of the key design elements that keep people returning to the Google+ Stream… Read more

Near DC? Check out Google’s Liquid Galaxy

Google’s 20% program, which allows employees to devote one fifth of their work time on the projects that inspire them the most, has yielded some fun and interesting projects. For instance, a cloud-controlled Android robot. The latest major project to sprout from 20% is called Liquid Galaxy: a system that runs Google Earth across multiple machines and… Read more

Borders Ebooks app still available, company liquidating

After forty years in business and a long fight to remain profitable, Borders is going out of business. Every brick and mortar Borders location will begin their going out of business liquidation sale today, offering up to 40% off of some titles with substantial discounts applied to everything else. Borders recently sent out an email to their Rewards… Read more

Reddit mobile site updated

Reddit mobile While Redditors wait impatiently for the much delayed update that will eventually take the ultra-sexy Android Reddit app, Baconreader, into the Android Market as free/donation ware, an alternative solution is available: the newly upgraded Reddit mobile site. The Reddit crew announced via the official Reddit Blog some changes that are… Read more

Google Labs is phasing out

Google Labs has fostered innovation and experimentation across Google properties for a better part of the last decade. Projects like Sky Map for Android, Google Goggles, Google Groups, and Google Body–not to mention nearly countless feature additions for Gmail, Search, and other products–all have origins in Google Labs. In a Google Blog post… Read more

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play now going for $100

Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation phone, the Xperia Play, isn’t getting a lot of love out in the real world. One of the most hyped and anticipated leakers in 2010, perhaps the gadget’s lackluster launch reception in May was the result of pre-release overexposure–that, or a bit of there’s-no-way-this-thing-can-live-up-to-its-considerable-hype syndrome…. Read more

PhoneDog’s first U Win, We Both Win beneficiaries

One of the coolest features of PhoneDog’s Greatest Tech Giveaway Ever is the U Win, We Both Win program. In this giveaway, if you refer someone and their number is drawn, you win a tablet as well! And last night, we had our first referral pair win tablets together. In drawing #5, two lucky brothers learned that they will be enjoying their new tech toys… Read more

Trial Xtreme: immersive motocross game

There are dozens of video games based on motocross racing. From the wonky simplicity of Excite Bike to the intricate articulations required in MX vs. ATV: Reflex, the spectrum of realism–both in terms of control and graphics–offers something for every console-owning fan of the sport. Mobile fanatics have fewer titles to choose from, of course, but the… Read more

Chromebook demo and giveaway with Jimmy Fallon

Joshua Topolski took a couple of Chromebooks on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a demonstration, and while there was a little hiccup in the live sync demonstration of Google Docs the result was cool, nonetheless. Storing data in the cloud has lots of benefits, including the safety of your work if you drop your computer in a fire or run over it with… Read more