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October to Bring Android 4.1 Rollout for HTC One X/XL

MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien has confirmed HTC will begin to rollout Jelly Bean to their unlocked smartphones and tablets in October.  Additionally, the company intends to have the software update rolled out to all handsets, including carrier branded phones, before Christmas. All this information comes before we’ve seen any leaked builds for the HTC One X… Read more

Change in Law Allows 3rd parties to Challenge Unfair Patents; Google, Stack Exchange, & Patent Office Team Up to Assist

Google, Stack Exchange, and the Patent Office have teamed up to help give the public a little more say when it comes to the patent process.  3rd parties are now allowed to challenge frivolous patents filed by companies (we’re looking at you, Apple & Samsung) to keep from monopolizing the market when it comes smartphones and tablets. To take… Read more

Google Sign In Error is NBD- for Now

Owners of Android tablets and smartphones have been encountering difficulties tonight when attempting to log into their Google accounts.  After entering the necessary log-in credentials, users are then directed to an error screen informing them that they are not able to access their account.  While the reason is unknown, it does not appear to effect… Read more

Verizon to Lock the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Bootloader

Cue the sad trombone; reliable sources are confirming the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will include a locked bootloader.  This block will “prevent its users from installing proper custom ROMs with kernels and radios”.  There are ways to circumvent the lock as this is not Verizon’s first time doing this to one of their devices.  Just the other… Read more

HTC Offers $300 as Trade Up Incentive for New Devices

HTC has a new lineup of phones and is eager to have you take one of them home.  To entice you, they’ve launched an incentive program, “HTC Trade Up”, allowing you to trade in your phone for up to $300 in return when you purchase one of their more current devices.  Seem a little too good to be true?  There is a catch- you do not get to spend the… Read more