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Flash 10.1 Running on a Motorola Droid

We’ve been hearing the chatter from the depths of the Motorola and Android worlds that we should be seeing Flash 10.1 soon. Well, that time may be sooner than you think. Adobe dropped this nice little video yesterday showing off Flash 10.1 cruising nicely on a Droid running… Read more

Flan Gallery on Motorola Droid w/ 2.0.1

The Flan gallery app has been ported to Android 2.0.1. You no longer have to upgrade your phone to 2.1 to use this fantastic new gallery app. Follow these instructions *at your won risk! Installation instructions: 1. Download gallery_flan.apk to your computer. 2. Copy gallery.apk file to your sdcard. 3. On your phone go to Settings, then… Read more