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Gameloft Set to Release ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ Game for Android for Upcoming Movie Release

To not much of a surprise, Gameloft will be releasing the Amazing Spiderman game for the Android platform. I’m sure we know what to expect from Gameloft with this game. Graphics should be much improved from the predecessor and game-play should be what we expect from any other Spiderman game. Here’s the full press release from Gameloft themselves…. Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumored to be Released on October

The Galaxy Note by Samsung was quite a revolution in the mobile tech world. It proved that a phone/tablet hybrid can work and can find a consumer group that would really enjoy it. With that much success, a follow-up is all but obvious. Now UbuntuLife is claiming that the second iteration of the Note is already in works and slated to be released this fall… Read more

Google All Set to Acquire Meebo

It seems like every other week Google is off purchasing other companies. And now several reports are indicating the acquisition of Meebo by Google. If you aren’t familiar with Meebo and what they provide, here’s a short synopsis straight from their website: Meebo is a consumer internet company focused on driving user engagement across the web, reaching… Read more