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What In The World Did ASUS Just Tease Us With?

Now usually if I have a video to go along with a post, I tend to put that at the end after everything is written. But in this case I think it would be appropriate to put the video up first so that you’ll be able to see what I’m referring to before you read what I have to say about it. And you’ll also be as surprised and confused as I am right about now…. Read more

[Review] Cruzer Lite TPU Case

Finding a good value case is always quite a journey for me every time I purchase a new phone. I hate spending the 20-40$ for those cases that carriers sell at their store when they really should be 10$ or below. I recently got my Galaxy Nexus and the second I purchased it from the Google Play Store the manhunt began for my desired case. Usually I tend to… Read more

Sprint and HTC Giving Away Official TPU Cases Along with the EVO 4G LTE and a ‘Sorry’ Letter

Due to the minor delay of Sprint’s HTC EVO4G LTE due to Apple’s injunction, HTC and Sprint have teamed up and issued an apology letter along with a free TPU case with the phone to customers in hope to make amends. The letter entails: “HTC and Sprint want to thank you for your patience as we know you have been anticipating the arrival of your new… Read more

[ROM] Team Kang’s AOKP ROM Video Review; Milestone 5

  Team Kang’s AOKP, an acronym of Android Open Kang Project, has made a huge splash in the Android world since it’s debut late last year.  But it wasn’t till the head team members got a hold of the GSM Google Galaxy Nexus that the team and their ROM really gained a lot of popularity, and quite frankly maybe even a cult following much like the CyanogenMod… Read more

Where Do You Think Android Is Heading To Next?

As the 5 year anniversary of Google’s widely popular mobile operating system that is Android approaching, I started to ask myself, “what’s next for Android?” Realizing that it’s its 5 year anniversary has really made me reflect on Android and how it became the behemoth that it is now and what exactly is next for it. To say that Android has grown and… Read more

BBM for Android Officially Canned

For the past couple of years now we’ve all heard of rumors and reports that BBM (Blackberry Messenger) will make it’s way into the Android platform. This was in the works for quite some time now and we’ve even seen screen-shots of it on an Android phone. And now after all this time, we can finally put it to rest and confirm that it is after all not coming… Read more