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Samsung & LG Expected To Offer 1080p HD Handsets In Early 2013

1080p HD displays have been in the works for what seems like forever. Chinese company Oppo was the first official manufacturer to announce a 1080p device, however, the major players in the industry are making it a point to not be left behind. According to Korea’s MK News, word from its industry sources this morning, are that both Samsung and LG are… Read more

Samsung Reportedly Will Stop Supplying LCD Displays To Apple

Over the last year, the relationship between tech behemoths Apple and Samsung, has certainly seen significant strain. For years the two companies benefitted from mutual profit gains - mostly due to Apple’s wildly successful iPhone. Despite being fierce competitors in the smartphone/tablet market, Samsung shared an interest in Apple’s success as… Read more

Rumored Nexus 10 Becomes A Little More Real – Picasa Unofficially Confirms Its Existence

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet has seen tremendous success and support since it has been released. In the 7-inch market, the tablet offers the definitive Android experience and has been praised as one of the best tablets in the market regardless of display size and OS. When it comes to larger displays in the tablet game, the truth remains that Apple’s iPad… Read more