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Nexus One power button failure

A few days ago the power button on the Nexus One I’m using stopped working. I don’t know why I was surprised at the time, because the power button had always given me trouble when trying to turn on/off the screen. However, I think I was attributing that to the hard gel case I was using. Anyway, I decided to try and call HTC and see if they would replace it,… Read more

Only using voice commands while driving?

Car accident rates are definitely up, and cell phones are partially responsible. Texting while driving, or even just talking, seems to have more people distracted on the road than ever. This is where ZoomSafer wants to step in to help with their software. Basically, if you’re on the move (detected by GPS, or a setting in the app), ZoomSafer will prevent you… Read more

Otterbox for Android


Otterbox owes a lot of their fame to their iPhone cases. I have seen them everywhere, and despite the majority of them being pitch-black, they are also easy to recognize; they have that signature-shaped notch near the earpiece. They have also been known for offering superior protection to your phone, with greater resistance to dropping and breaking, and a… Read more

Foursquare adds more functionality

Yay! Foursquare has finally added features we’ve all been missing out on. There is ping support within the app now, allowing you to set an interval to retrieve friend “check ins” and notify you. Now you can stay in touch with your friends in the area even easier. And since Foursquare is also about networking, you can also send a friend request through the… Read more

First Impressions: myTouch Slide

Breaking from my normal routine, I’m going to start with the good news, since I don’t want to automatically turn people away from this handset based on my own dislikes. First, this phone feels pretty good in your hand. It’s a bit heavier than I expected, but I actually like that. This way you know your phone is on you, and you don’t have to… Read more

Third day of enjoying Froyo

I have been a huge fan of vanilla Android since 2.0 was released. I know a lot of people really like themes, and I don’t really mind them, but I am completely content with just the plain Jane serving offered by Google. Thankfully, FroYo has been no different for me. While poking about, I noticed some great changes in places like the Gallery app, which… Read more