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Samsung And Google Could Announce A New 11″ Nexus Tablet At Google I/O, How Much Bigger Does A Tablet Need To Be?


Google I/O is only a couple short weeks away and information about possible announcements are starting to flow.  The latest tidbit is that Samsung Google will be announcing a new 11″ Nexus tablet.  While the device is yet to be confirmed, here are the rumored specs: Samsung 8-core Exynos 5410 chip At least a 1920×1080 Super PLS TFT… Read more

Top 4 Reader Recommendations: Reddit Apps

Welcome to our first installment of our Top 4 Reader Recommendations series.  We know how important our readers are to our success and we want to share your favorite apps with the Android community.  Personally, I’ve seen a couple of these type lists before and have found a few applications and games that I now use regularly.  To kick off this… Read more

Samsung Worried Galaxy S 4 Quality Not Up To Par With HTC One, Could Update Design For Future Devices

HTC is looking to take a share of the high-end smartphone market with the release of the HTC One and according to a Samsung source, Samsung is taking notice.  They are worried the build quality of their Galaxy S 4 won’t match the build quality of the HTC One.  The concern is the aluminum body of the HTC One.  Samsung went as far as creating an… Read more

Possible Samsung Galaxy S 4 Launch Dates For Multiple U.S. Carriers Revealed In Leaked Staples Document

The highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S 4 arrival is expected to be soon, but we haven’t heard any concrete launch dates for either AT&T or Verizon. T-Mobile’s CEO announced the May 1st availability back at the carrier’s UNcarrier rate plan announcements at the end of March. Thankfully, according to a leaked Staples document, we now have tentative… Read more

Samsung Releases A Few TV Spots For The Galaxy S4, Highlights The New Sound Shot, Group Play, and S Translator Features

The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is quickly approaching and to help market it’s new flagship device, Samsung has released a few TV spots highlighting a few of the new features of the phone.  These 30-second clips introduce you to the Sound Shot, Group Play, and S Translator features on the Galaxy S4.  Samsung has also released a minute long video… Read more

New Google Play Design Begins Rolling Out To Devices, Offers Up New Content Discovery And Simplified Purchasing

Google is beginning to roll out its new, cleaner, Google Play store.  The new Play Store 4.0 focuses on larger images and consistent color usage based on topic.  It is now easier to quickly identify the content you are looking for and explore the options within that category. The purchase process has also been streamlined, providing you a quicker way… Read more

Turn Off Facebook Home To Improve Security On The HTC First

This week, Facebook introduced us to the new Android-only Facebook Home.  We also learned that the HTC First is one of the devices that ships with Facebook Home as the default launcher  That’s great news if you use Facebook frequently, but what about users that don’t access Facebook regularly?  Well, we now know that the Facebook launcher can be… Read more

DROID BIONIC Jelly Bean Testing Begins To Roll Out

It looks like Motorola is preparing a Jelly Bean update to their older DROID BIONIC device.  DROID BIONIC owners have reported receiving invitations to test the upcoming Android 4.1 Jelly Bean release.  We are not sure when Motorola plans to implement their soak test, but we’ll let you know when we receive any new information. Don’t forget to let us… Read more