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Incredible car dock and belt clip Combo

I’m in my car, in the Verizon parking lot, stealing WiFi from some random person, so I don’t have long before the Feds are on my trail.  I just wanted to get these images up. Here’s what I know: The phone snaps into a belt clip style holster The clip can rotate 360 degrees The holster has a “T” slot, on the clip, that slides onto a “T”… Read more

Incredible Cases

I know I’ve already written a post about accessories for the Incredible, but I wanted to show off all of the cases available.  In my opinion, the sweetest one is the black/red gradient snap case (seen on the right).  However, that cases doesn’t show up on the VZW accessory site.  Regardless, check out the other snap cases available right now! There… Read more

HTC DROID Incredible Accessories

I received a short list of accessories that will be available for the HTC Incredible.  I like the idea of a ‘factory’ windshield mount.  I currently use a universal one from Bracketron.  It does the job, but it’s clunky.  There’s no mention if this mount activates the Car Panel app on the phone. One would hope that these will be available on launch… Read more

Game Gripper for the MotoDroid

If you saw part 4 of my Nexus One questions and requests post, you’ll remember what a hard time I had playing game console emulators on a device with so few buttons. The touch sensitive buttons beneath the screen could not register a tap at the same time as an on-screen button so the experience was hobbled, at best. Motorola Droid users face a different… Read more

Nexus One car dock now available!

Check it out: for $55 you can now order Google’s official car dock (just click on “get your phone” and scroll down to accessories) for the Nexus One. It features a built-in speaker, volume controls, and Bluetooth connectivity. The Car Home app automatically loads when you snap your phone into this charging device, which can be mounted to the windshield or… Read more

Nexus One battery replacements $25 from Google

I’ve had a decent experience with the battery life on my Nexus One. If I plug it in at night, I’ll be good for the next day. But some of of you are heavier users than I am, cranking the MP3s and relying on the phone to navigate your wandering butt around all day. For you, and for me if I forget to charge one night, a spare battery can be a lifesaver. I’ve… Read more

DroidDog discount at

UPDATE: Many of the orders inspired by this post were never fulfilled and I’ve heard of a few that were never refunded. DroidDog cannot endorse this company. If you’re one of those folks who likes to spread the word and wave your flag for all to see, has you and your Android needs covered. Whether you want to show support for Cyanogen,… Read more

Dyzplastic Android Figures Make My Heart Melt

When I first saw these little guys I thought to myself, “DO WANT!” Then I calmed myself down and thought, “I would really like some of these.” … Ahem. A company called Dyzplastic and an artist by the name of Andrew Bell have teamed up and are putting out an entire series of 3″ vinyl Android figures with moving heads and arms. The first series will… Read more

Nexus One Dock Goes On Sale

Looking for some accessories to go with your shiny new ColorWare Nexus? Well, you’re in luck. Google’s Nexus One dock is now officially available from their website for $45. When you set your Nexus in the dock, it auto starts the clock application, then allows you to preform several other tasks; Local weather/time, alarm management, and a multimedia… Read more