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Updated: XGear Phantasm Glass Screen Protector For Nexus 7 Review

I’ve been excited to try out a glass screen protector for a long time. And considering that the Nexus 7 glass isn’t exactly of the highest quality, I felt that it would be the best candidate for such a product. The XGear Phantasm is only 0.4mm thick and has a surface hardness of 8H. It is also coated to protect from oils. When the XGear Phantasm… Read more

Update:Nexus 7 Dock In Stock At B&H, Play Store Still Lacking

The infamous Nexus 7 dock is back, but this time it’s seemingly available to buy! Retailer B&H has it labeled as “In Stock” on their site for $39.99. So you Nexus 7 owners who have been waiting patiently for six whole months can finally get one for yourselves, if the orders go through (we won’t rule out the possibility of this being a mistake, six long… Read more

Nexus 7 Dock Will Ship In 2 Weeks And At $39.99 A Piece

The Verge has heard through a reliable source that ASUS is getting ready to release the Nexus 7 dock to the US in two weeks and at a $39.99 price point. This actually goes alongside what ASUS Benelux said about 8 days ago. They expected the Nexus 7 dock to be available in the UK around mid-January for 29.99 in Euros, or $39.73. B&H Photo also… Read more

PowerA Unveils The MOGA Pro, A MOGA Beefed Up And Full Size

If you’re a fan of Bluetooth controllers for Android phones, MOGA is one of the best, if not the best. With the flip up arm to hold your device at a good angle, it makes mobile gaming easy and fun. The software and low app compatibility is not ideal, but that can be remedied by a few clever Android apps. However, what if you, like me, have big hands?… Read more