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Long awaited GMail improvements on deck for 2.2.1

If you had to change or add just one or two features of GMail for Android, what would they be? If you had asked me this question a year ago, I would have had a very hard time narrowing the fairly long list of problems I saw in the app down to just a couple of requests. I actually refused to use the native GMail app for the first year after Android was… Read more

Carlos Graves’ Top 10 Apps

I have been getting asked to make this video for a while, so here it is – my top 10 apps that generally just get me through the day. Now, these are not my all time top 10 favorite apps, but they are my top 10 most commonly used. 1. Seesmic for Android 2. chompSMS 3. ROM Manager 4. SetCPU 5. Advanced Task Manager 6. Vignette 7. Dropbox 8…. Read more

Bing makes it’s way to Verizon branded devices

Microsoft announced today the official release of their Bing app for Android OS. The only problem is that it’s only available for Verizon devices (it shouldn’t take long to get that out of the way). The Bing search app for Android is very similar to the desktop version in that everyday you get a new featured picture, plus the ability to look through… Read more

“Real HDMI” fix for DROID X

If you are an A/V hound and own a DROID X, or you watched my video comparing the HDMI abilities of the current flagship Androids, then you know that the DROID X, for which Verizon sells an HDMI cable at $30, had very limited support for the feature, relegating the port to an enticing selling point and not much else. “I can look at my gallery on HDTV via the… Read more

MKB Reviews: Process Manager

Hello, everyone! Today we have a review of an simple yet powerful application available in the Android market for managing applications running on your phone. Sure, there are a lot of free task managers out there that have features similar to Process Manager. And yes, there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the proper way to use a task… Read more

TweetDeck for Android Beta 5

TweetDeck has just released beta 5 of their app for Android, and along with it, a plethora of new features. According to the TweetDeck blog, the new feature list includes options to delete accounts, delete tweets sent by you (been waiting for this one), and a refined Facebook/Buzz UI among others. Quite possibly the most important new feature is full 1.6… Read more

Google Earth updates bring ocean floor, Flash bubbles

Google announced via their LatLong Blog today that their latest update for Google Earth for Android includes accurate maps of the ocean floor – which can be experienced virtually using your device’s accelerometer – and, for Nexus Ones running 2.2, Flash videos in location pop-up bubbles. So, if someone captured a Humpback Whale arching through the air… Read more

Wattpad updates Android app

Wattpad is currently the most popular BlackBerry e-reading app, and the third most popular on iPhone. It’s also billed as “the word’s most popular ebook community. Wattpad gives you access to over 100,000 free ebooks and allows authors to upload their material for sharing. Wattpad also offers social features so that you can connect with like-minded… Read more

audiogalaxy repurposed for dead simple streaming

There are several options for streaming your desk/laptop music library over the Internet to your mobile Android. Gmote was one of my faves for a while there, not only because of its long list of features unrelated to music, but because it was friendly with Windows, Mac, and Linux, to varying degrees. However, as much as I love the app and excellent… Read more

Vignette Video Review

Introducing Vignette, a popular camera replacement application for Android. It can be found on the Android Market for UK£2.99. This application is rich with features from flash settings, to editing the pre-set effects that the application comes with…. Read more