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Access the Android Market from DroidDog!

Did you click on the app links in my most recent installment of DroidWars? If so, you’ve seen the most recent addition to DroidDog’s growing list of features: Our very own app store! Just click on the link “App Store” in the navigation bar underneath the DroidDog logo, and you can search the entire Android Market, search within specific categories, read… Read more

Boxee WiFi Remote

Remember the other day, when I said that using your phone as a remote had been done before? I mentioned Boxee under one of the companies that was doing this. Turns out there isn’t an official Boxee remote application, just a couple the work with it. It should be noted that Boxee is working on one, but that isn’t what this article is about. Anyway… Thanks… Read more

Do you need Wikipedia ALL THE TIME?

I like Wikipedia and I check it at least a few times a week – often more frequently. but I’m not sure I need access to the seemingly endless and always-changing resource that is Wikipedia. This morning, I read a review over at Android Guys about an app called WikiPock – as in, Wikipedia in your pocket. And that’s just what the app is – not just an interface… Read more

Adobe focuses on smartphones with Flash

Adobe’s been in the news almost every week, in one way or another, over the last few weeks. You’ve heard, right? Adobe’s CTO, Kevin Lynch has certainly heard, and he’s pretty outspoken on the whole thing. He wants to set the record straight in regards to how people look at his company, and think about their product, and he’s got a pretty good strategy to… Read more

Google releases Google Shopper

The guys from Big in Japan (creators of ShopSavvy) must be checking their blood pressure right about now. Google just released Google Shopper for Android. The application can be used to quickly find products using voice search, pictures, bar codes or regular text search. The app is a mix between Barcode Scanner, ShopSavvy, Google Goggles, and Google Product… Read more

FiOS Remote Control App

Motorola Droid and HTC Imagio users that rely on FiOS via Verizon for their television service officially have a new app to play with, a remote control. By using FiOS wifi you can tether you phone to your receiver and use it as a universal remote or turn your TV into a handy dandy picture viewer. But wait, there’s more! You can also import a favorite… Read more

eBay application now available in Android Market

Have you ever been walking down the sidewalk, and had this insatiable desire to check eBay? Or, maybe you’ve been bidding on a brand new Android device for the last few hours, and suddenly you need to go run and take the dog for a walk. You don’t want to miss a second, lest you be out-bid and miss out on obtaining a brand new toy. Thankfully, eBay has come… Read more

Skyfire acquires kolbysoft, hybrid browser to spawn

Skyfire, creators of the browser of the same name designed to offer “full Internet” with rich media to phones at virtually every point of the smart/dumb spectrum have acquired kolbysoft – the start-up that brought us Steel, which was the first browser to really take over as a mainstream alternative to the stock Android browser. What this means, outside of… Read more

Android apps are about to get 3 times faster!

Myriad Group AG, a member of the Open Handset Alliance, unveiled yesterday a brand new high performance virtual machine, named Dalvik Turbo. It would replace the standard Dalvik engine that Android uses to run applications. Dalvik Turbo increases application execution speed by up to three times ‐ allowing OEMs and operators to bring smoother delivery and… Read more

Nexus One OTA Update Brings Multi-Touch

A lot of folks went and grabbed the update online and installed manually. I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait. And when something does happen, I turn on my camera. So here’s a video of me hitting a button, waiting a long time, and then testing pinch-to-zoom in the stock browser, gallery, and in Google Maps version 3.4. I threw in a little… Read more