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Multi-Touch Maps for Motorola’s Droid


I welcomed an update for my Nexus One last night with open arms, as it brought pinch-and-zoom functionality to Maps and the stock browser and gallery apps. I filmed the update for the obsessively curious and will post later today. But if you’re a Droid user, there’s no need to wait for that multi-touch jazz. Go download Google Maps v. 3.4 from the Market… Read more

Android Fennec Progress

This may not look like the Fennec you were expecting, in fact it looks more like the Firefox you already know, but rest assured something’s on the way. Vladimir Vukićević, currently working on the project, had this to say regarding the screen shot: “Mouse events sort of work, toplevel windows sort of work, keyboard doesn’t work yet but shouldn’t be… Read more

Weather Channel Promoting Android App On Screen

If you just so happened to be watching the Weather Channel and notice a QR code pop up on screen with the words “ANDROID USERS SCAN HERE” recently, don’t worry it wasn’t just you. QR codes are quick response bar codes that are designed with the purpose of being scanned by something like your phone’s camera. After the QR code is scanned your phone will send… Read more

Official WordPress app released for Android

Though an app or two have cropped up offering WordPress comment notification and moderation, only the official WordPress app for Android – which was officially launched today – offers the functionality you would expect from a sanctioned program: * Configure and manage multiple blogs * Comment moderation including the ability to reply to… Read more

Will we finally find Fennec in February?

If you’re a fan of or familiar with PhoneDog, you may have seen me mention Fennec in the past. You also know that it’s been in development for some time. If this is the first you’re hearing of it, check it out. It’s basically Firefox mobile, and it’s got all kinds of cool features. I’ve been waiting and waiting for word on an Android release, and it looks… Read more

Remember the Milk on Android…for FREE

Introduction If you’ve read many of my posts here or over at PhoneDog, you probably know that I am an ardent advocate of the task list app/website/desktop program, Remember the Milk. I’ve written about it many times, and while I’ve occasionally strayed in my quest for my perfect to-do list, I’ve always been called back to ol’ faithful. The problem is… Read more

My favorite apps for Google’s Nexus One

I am often asked what my favorite app is for a given functionality. Bouncing between various phones and versions of Android, my answers tend to be different each time. There is a core set of apps that I regularly rely on and considering that I’m using Nexus One pretty exclusively at this point, my app dance has slowed down a bit. A lot of you are asking me… Read more

Tradui: Creole to English translator

With the tragic Earthquakes over in Haiti officials have been scrambling to get aid to the island. Many people around the world have already donated millions of dollars to the Relief effort over there. And here is a great example of how others have been helping the expedite the effort and make the help being offered more effective. Tradui is a free… Read more