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Instagram for Android shown off at SXSW

It’s been a long time coming, and plenty of Android users out there have tried to be patient in waiting for the release of Instagram. The social network slash photo sharing application has made a huge dent in the iOS world, and Android owners have been teased that an Android version is on the way for quite some time. Last night, at the event called SXSW,… Read more

Angry Birds Space exclusive Samsung content outlined

While Angry Birds Space was officially announced yesterday, today at South by Southwest Samsung is busy showcasing the new mobile game on their recently launched (here in the States) Galaxy Note. At the same time, they’re talking up a storm about the exclusive content that Samsung has managed to wrangle in for the upcoming game’s launch. The new title… Read more

Chrome for Android Beta updated, more bug fixes

Chrome for Android has been all the rage in the world of Android browsing as of late, but it’s still just a beta. Google has been keeping up with updating the browser though, and we now have another update to smooth things out. First, there will be better compatibility among Android 4.0 devices. There is also a list of known issues available at the Chrome… Read more

Google Play is the new Android Market

Google is always changing, to make sure that they stay up to date on everything that the market is doing. Keeping up doesn’t always necessarily mean you have to change a brand, but sometimes it does and that is exactly what Google has done with the Android Market. It’s no surprise, considering how many different changes the Market has undergone since its… Read more

Game Review: Roaring Skies

Nothing kills time better than a good Android game, but it’s always a disappointment to download a game that looks exciting but turns out to be a dud. Today we have something that’s a bit of a mix, a game of which goes by the name of Roaring Skies. It is a game about dog fighting in airplanes, taking place in World War II. Advertised as a real time… Read more

Google Wallet headed to 10 new devices on Sprint this year

Sprint has so far been the only carrier to offer full support of Google’s new payment option, Wallet. On top of that, only the Nexus S 4G actually takes advantage of the service, due to the NFC chip on board. Sprint is planning on ramping up with the service this year however, and will be offering at least 10 new devices. Only the LG Viper 4G is confirmed… Read more

Google Docs for Android receives large update, now featuring real-time collaboration

Google Docs is getting more impressive by the week, and with this latest update it’s probably one of the most impressive document editors out there. This newest update, which is available now in the Android Market, will bring plenty of changes and improvements to the system, and will bring working in real-time with anyone you want to, whether it be from a… Read more