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NFL Pro 2012 released on Market with full roster of NFL teams

Sports gaming is one of the cornerstones of the gaming industry. Often, getting licensing for such products is prohibitively expensive so developers choose to forgo getting official logos and or rosters to cut costs both in production and for the consumer. Well, for everyone that was anxiously awaiting a fully-licensed NFL title, the wait is now… Read more

Modern Combat 3 hits Market

All you Android gamers out there know that Gameloft is one of the premium developers, if not merely prolific. Luckily, the don’t rest on their laurels and have finally released the third iteration of their popular Modern Combat game. The premise of the story is that North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia have joined forces to attack the United States. Of course,… Read more

Google Market brings search and sort filters

We’ve all been waiting for it. We’ve all been whining. We’ve been hoping. Google has been listening. It’s been a great month for the Android community. With the 10 Billion Download celebration under our belts we dared not hope for more. Well maybe we should have because Google has made the Market much easier to digest with the addition of key search and… Read more

LG and Capcom team up to launch Street Fighter IV HD on the LG Nitro HD and LG Optimus LTE

Did you want to play Street Fighter IV HD on your brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Well, you can’t. At least not yet, anyway. Capcom has teamed up with LG to launch the popular video game for a pair of LG-branded handsets, and that’s it. So if you’re lucky enough to own an LG Nitro HD on AT&T, or the newly released LG Optimus LTE, then you won’t have a… Read more

Dolphin Browser now Box compatible

Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular alternatives to the stock Android browser available in the Market today. It comes with a slew of features in tow and today, they added one more. For those that know, Dolphin now has plugin support for the service and allows users to save files from the web directly to their Box account. The addon also… Read more

Facebook Timeline feature rolls out to Android FB app

Facebook released its Timeline feature and of course, the update hit the Facebook app for Android. The update includes Timeline and really, there’s nothing that is lost in translation. What’s surprising about this move is that the company has traditionally released the iOS updates to blaze the trail before Android got a taste, not this time. Based on… Read more

Netflix officially updated for Ice Cream Sandwich

Now that the Galaxy Nexus has been released in the US, people need some good uses of that huge HD display, right? Netflix has just updated its app to be compatible with Android 4.0. It doesn’t appear to have any new features, but does include a few bug fixes. Hit the Android source link to download it now. Anyone try out the new Netflix app on their Galaxy… Read more

Adobe Flash Player updated for Android 4.0

Android has always been known to be one of the few mobile operating systems to run Flash content, but that feature was initially missing from Ice Cream Sandwich. Many customers noticed this when they first got their Galaxy Nexus, but Adobe has finally updated their plug-in. Available via the Market, it should run on all the new Ice Cream Sandwich phones… Read more