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LG Clarifies May 1st Event, Announcing The Optimus G Pro

We previously reported that LG was hosting an event in New York City on the first of May, but they never said why. We guessed that it was to announce the LG Optimus G Pro, and it seems that we were right! LG released a follow up to their initial announcement of the event, stating that the Optimus G Pro will be announced. It’ll also include a concert… Read more

Update: Google Posts Registration Date For I/O 2013

Google has officially posted the registration date for 2013′s Google I/O online. We now know that the announced time for registration is March 13th at 7 AM PDT. Save this date, because tickets will sell out in less than half an hour if the past few years have been any indication. And of course, good luck to everyone trying to get the tickets. You’ll… Read more

ASUS Announces Event For Padfone 2 October 16th

Remember the Padfone? The phone that could turn into both a tablet and a netbook with the docks? It was a wonderful device. It had its fair share of bugs, but it was well designed and it worked well for the most part. It’s just sad that we didn’t get to see enough of it, it just fell off the radar for a long time. However, ASUS is back and hopefully… Read more

Motorola And Verizon Announce An Upcoming Event On September 5

So we already know that Microsoft and Nokia are going to be hosting an event on September 5 but Verizon and Motorola couldn’t let them have all the fun so they’ve now scheduled their own event for 2:00 p.m. EST which takes place just a few hours after the aforementioned NokiaSoft event will take place. The invitation reads “Motorola. On Display.” at the… Read more

Sprint LTE Network Goes Live in Kansas City

Although nothing was slated for activation until July 15th, it seems that the now network really means now. Sources within Sprint have confirmed the switch has been flipped. This allegedly includes any of the cities Sprint announced would be active on the 15th, including Atlanta, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Luckily, if you have upgraded… Read more

ZTE to Announce “Advanced Gaming Smartphones” Next Week

ZTE is another name that isn’t fairly common here in the states, despite being the fourth largest phone manufacturer. They may make a name for themselves quickly, though, if what they announce next week is as revolutionary as it sounds. ZTE claims to be unveiling “one of the most advanced gaming smartphones” next week. No rumors have been spread about… Read more

Samsung Comes Home with a Bang, Galaxy S III Sales Soar

Samsung went home yesterday to release its new brainchild, the Galaxy S III. When it did, it received the largest welcoming committee it could have asked for. Samsung sold over 50,000 phones on the launch day of its new “Inspired by Nature” smartphone in Korea. This is over doubling what it sold on the launch of the Galaxy S II, quintupling its original… Read more