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Moto Posts Atrix HD Promo Video, Focuses on Smart Actions

Shortly after the Atrix HD became official, a promotional video touting all of the phone’s features has surfaced. Motorola, aiming for a similar market to the RAZR, touts all of it’s defining features. However, it’s put a particular point of interest on Smart Actions. The software that allows users to automate their phones to adapt to their personality,… Read more

Midnight Poll: What Do You Want To See At Google I/O?

We’re just hours away from Google’s biggest Android event of the year. Google I/O is set to kick off today with a live keynote, followed by several smaller presentations and seminars spread over three days. We’ve already put together an in-depth preview of what to expect, but we want to hear from the mouths of actual consumers. What do you want to see… Read more

ASUS Representative Confirms Google’s Nexus Tablet

We’ve been hearing constant rumors surrounding Google’s alleged Nexus tablet since last December when executive Eric Schmidt told reporters that his company would be “doubling down on tablets.” Today, we finally have some good news regarding the inevitable future of the Nexus tablet. According to NVIDIA’s recently announced Kai Program and past… Read more

Google I/O Schedule Is Live, Go Explore What’s In Store!

Google has posted the full 3 day schedule for Google I/O here for everyone to check out. This includes all the workshops and keynotes given at each time for each day, even with each location. For those going to Google I/O, this will let you plan out which workshops you want to go to. If, like me, you aren’t going to Google I/O, this is just a great look… Read more