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Mobile Digital TV crashing Android party in 2012

In South Korea, digital media has be broadcasted to the masses without the need for cable to deliver content. So, DMB (Digital Media Broadcasting) services are available on a huge range of phones (even ones that are several years old), tablets, and other PMPs. Well, it looks like we’re going to be getting a taste of that action very soon. Dyle, a company… Read more

Lenovo brings Android-powered HDTVs to CES

It looks like Lenovo is trying to branch out, it a big way. We all know that the biggest gadget show of the year is just around the corner. It is a great opportunity for press, consumers, and producers to come out and strut their stuff so to speak. Well Lenovo did exactly that. The company made famous through their laptops has decided to develop TVs. What… Read more

Meizu MX launch brings long lines of Meizu fans to China

So we announced earlier this month that the Meizu MX would be launched on the first of the year. Looks like the Chinese Android smartphone did fall into consumer hands today in the land of the Forbidden City. The dual-core smartphone has incited a mass influx of hungry consumers into queues all over the country. To avoid the chaotic mess of last  year in… Read more

Google I/O Extended to Three Days, Moved to June

Google I/O is usually a two day long developer conference held in April at San Fransisco. This is where Google does demos, presentations, and other cool stuff for developers (and consumers) to enjoy. The main events revolve around Android, Chrome, Google TV, and other popular Google products. This year a couple things are being changed. Instead of… Read more

OSCON will feature a host of Googlers at the end of July

If you’re in or around Portland, or will be from July 25th to 29th, and you’re interested in open source software, the Oregon Convention Center will be the place to be. O’Reilly’s 2011 OSCON (Open Source Convention) will be taking place there, and will be hosting a variety of workshops, keynotes, tutorials, and other geeky events. According to the… Read more

ASUS shows off the symbiotic Padfone phone/tablet pair

Image via Engadget Just ahead of the Computex trade show in Taiwan, which starts tomorrow, ASUS has unveiled their concept Padfone, which, due to its ability to integrate into a laptop, might remind you a bit of Motorola’s Atrix. The Padfone was leaked last week, and it was hoped that Computex might signal a launch of this new mystery product. It… Read more

Video: Keynote from Google I/O 2011

What a day, ammirite? Android @Home, Google Music, +1, Ice Cream Sandwich, movie rentals, Android 3.1, free 10.1-inch Tabs…wow! And it’s not over yet, folks. If you’ve missed any of the announcements, or know you won’t be able to watch throughout the entire conference, check out our Google I/O 2011 round-up post, which contains an embedded live feed… Read more