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What will Google be giving away this year at I/O?

Every year at Google I/O, the Big G gives away at least one shiny new device to every attendee that they can take home and use for development. This year, there’s been a lot of buzz around whether or not the device of choice would be the Nexus S or Xoom, but it looks like those headed to I/O are in luck; it might be both. According to a rumor… Read more

HTC begins handing out invites to an April 12th launch event

When HTC holds a press event to announce a new device, that usually means it going to be something big. There’s no definite signs of what’s going to be announced on April 12th in London, but there’s plenty of speculation that it could be the next big Android device to hit the scene. Teased only as “what’s next,” there’s several Android handsets that… Read more

Boost Mobile and Samsung teaming up for a special event

Boost Mobile and Samsung are handing out invites to a special event going on April 5th. There’s no mention of exactly what device will be shown at the event, but as invitations are being handed out to Android blogs, that can only mean one thing: it’s time for a new phone. Boost Mobile is no stranger to Android; the Motorola i1 has been available with… Read more

HTC counts down to February 14th MWC event

If you visit HTC’s Facebook page and click on the welcome tab, you’ll be greeted with a countdown clock. That countdown ends on February 14th, which also happens to be the first day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year, we might see more exciting and unexpected announcements than we did at CES in Las Vegas last month. What is HTC… Read more

Google I/O is already sold out

A tweet from @googleio: Google I/O ’09 sold out in 90 days, ’10 in 50 days… #io2011: 59 minutes. Holy moly. If everything is in order, and no mistakes have been made, holy moly is right. Considering that there was a ton of errors to be found nearly every click of the way through registration, 59 minutes is impressive to say the least. Should… Read more

Google’s Android event now available to watch online

We’ve been talking about what went on at Google’s Android event all day; There was the unveiling of the web-based Android Market, tons on Honeycomb tutorials, game demos, and more. If you feel like you missed out because you didn’t get to see the whole thing, then you’re in luck — The androiddevelopers YouTube account has just posted 52 minutes and 55… Read more

Samsung Unpacked: “Something big is coming”

Just in case you were wondering, no, Samsung is not going to stop teasing the “next Galaxy S.” In a recent revamp to Samsung Unpacked, a Sammy hosted promotional site, a new teaser video has been hosted as well as some other pre-MWC information that’s supposed to keep the hype machine going. Along with the aforementioned teaser video comes a place… Read more

Google’s Honeycomb event: What can we expect?

It seems like just yesterday Google released Gingerbread, well that was almost two months ago – that’s years in Google Time. Google will be officially unveiling Android’s latest version – Honeycomb – this Wednesday, at a press event in their Mountain View campus. The event starts at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST and will be streamed live on YouTube at… Read more

MWC preview: The Samsung S5830

With Mobile World Congress going down a little over a month from now, you can expect to see more leaks on the devices that will be shown any minute now. Leaks like this one on the Samsung S5830. Not much is known about this “small version of the Galaxy S,” but we do have some decent specs to tag it with: The Samsung S5830 runs on Android 2.2.1… Read more