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Android is everywhere

Pocket Lint was at CES and got a quick video of a microwave running Android. We’ve been talking about Android appliances for some time, but it seems that we are finally beginning to see some practical applications of the concept. Not practical, you say? As is mentioned at the end of the video below, Android could fetch the recommended microwave time and… Read more

Entourage Edge and Spring Design Alex

Today at CES, chipset maker Marvell was spotted showing off two ready-to-go Android powered E-readers, the Entourage Edge and the Spring Design Alex. Entourage Edge The Entourage Edge, an interesting looking Android powered “dualbook”, has been given an official release date of February 2010 for somewhere in the neighborhood of $490. While that… Read more

Lenovo’s LePhone

I’m sitting next to PhoneDog’s Editor in Chief at a table in the Venetian’s AquaKnox after my first CES 2010 event: a Lenovo event where the company introduced three new integrated products that feature “a focus on mobility, always-on push technology,” and are, “optimized for mobile Internet. The first is a super slim smartbook called the Skylight,… Read more

Vegas is Vegas

Despite the fact that I’ve been to Las Vegas quite a few times, and despite its current position as one of the most tasteless cities on Earth, I still get a kick out of being here. This is the first time I’ve been here on business but I haven’t seen a single gadget yet not directly related to gambling, so I’m just enjoying this bizarre place for what it… Read more

I’m off to CES!

It’s 11:45 pm on Monday night and my wife and I are trying to decide if she she should drive me to the airport and get very little sleep before she works or if I should take the bus and train. I’m leaning towards the latter. Whatever our choice, it’s very unlikely that I’ll be getting up and writing a post about the beginning of my trip at 5:00 am. I’ll be… Read more

Some Nexus One NEWS, finally!

I am happy to announce that the time of fuzzy images, all-to-short video clips, and tiny bursts of almost irrelevant information regarding Google’s first company-branded device are almost over. This morning, TMoNews published a leak from magenta’s Intranet indicating that a new Android phone was coming from Google and that the demarcation of T-Mobile… Read more

Behold II is official

PhoneDog’s Adriana Lee was at Samsung’s Behold event in NYC today and she’s announcing a $229 price tag on contract for the November 18th street date. (See update after the vid.) I’m not sure I like that news, T-Mo. $200 was kinda pushing it in the eyes of many consumers. The good news is the Adriana had this to say texting from the event: “It’s much… Read more

PhoneDog Moment video from CTIA

As the man says, it’s available on November 1st, and you can signup for pre-registration here (that’s a forward slash, not backslash.) So, the million dollar question for Android junkies looking to Sprint: “Do I grab Hero now or wait for Moment?” I don’t know. How important it the hardware QWERTY to you? I can live without it. That is, as long as I have… Read more

Day two of LinuxCon

It’s rare that I will conceded that the benefits of sleep can sometimes be outweighed. This happens to be one of those rare instances. I purchased my LinuxCon ticket many months ago. And when the event finally rolled around, as big and significant as I think LinuxCon is; as lucky as I was to have have it take place 15 minutes from where I live,… Read more

Motorola Cliq: a detailed look at message creation

Thanks for the video, Noah! Check out the message composition in Motorola’s customized Android layer, MotoBlur: it’s almost like working on a laptop. I’m not sure if this layout is restricted to HTML emails or if it works when messaging other Blur devices… or maybe even other Android devices. That would be cool. For those who have been… Read more