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CyanogenMod hits 1 million unique user installs

CyanogenMod is most one of the most popular custom ROMs currently available, and they now have a big number to show it. Last night the original creator of the ROM let the world know that they officially have 1 million unique user installs. That means that the ROM has been flashed on 1 million different devices. Of those installs, the most popular version… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon receives full MIUI port

Many Android users are fans of the popular Chinese ROM MIUI, and we can add another device to the list of devices with a fully functioning version of the ROM. ViciousMIUI has just been updated, and the developer is claiming that everything is functional, and should be a smooth ride. It’s running on Android 4.0, and should give any users who are already… Read more

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet gets hardware unlock solution

We’re huge fans of innovative solutions here at and an amazing XDA modder, hkvc, has delivered just that to the community of Nook Tablet users. What did hkvc do? Well, he pulled together some foundational work that was done by several developers and created a hardware modification that completely bypasses the device’s secure bootloader. The… Read more

HP TouchPad boots Ice Cream Sandwich, still has a long way to go

All owners of the HP TouchPad have been waiting patiently for an Ice Cream Sandwich port to their discontinued tablet. Some progress has been made however, as developer tigerdavid has successfully booted the new Android version onto his tablet. It isn’t what you’d expect though, as the UI immediately crashes. The touchscreen isn’t working either, so the… Read more

UPDATE: LG G2x receives MIUI port

The LG Optimus 2x has benefited from the ROM known as MIUI for awhile, but users of the similar G2x have been left in the dark. Once again the good devs at XDA have ported the Optimus’ ROM over to the G2x, so any users interested now have a chance to try the Chinese ROM. It can be installed like any other ROM through ClockworkMod, but keep in mind that it… Read more

Motorola fans outraged, launch war against locked bootloaders

Last year many Android fans took to Facebook and Twitter to go against the major Android manufacturers for locking down phones bootloaders. Most of them promised a second half of 2011 timeframe for the unlocking to begin, and many brought that. HTC is now offering unlocking for many of its phones, and Sony Ericsson has been doing this for awhile. But one… Read more

Verizon Galaxy Nexus gets a one-touch root solution

Rooting the Galaxy Nexus wasn’t overly difficult before, but it just got a lot easier. Looks like Cyber Warrior, a dev that posts to Android Central, has released a root toolkit that brings one-touch rooting to your PC. Now, the toolkit has all the elements you need to set up your PC for the connection, unlock/rooting, and even the ability to come return to… Read more