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Samsung Teases The Galaxy S IV With New Legit Picture

We saw some pictures of what was supposedly the Galaxy S IV today and it looks like Samsung decided to give us our first official look at the device. They may have only shown the corner but from what we can see, it looks quite similar to the S III. Although some may have hoped for a brand new design, this looks like it’ll be mighty fine anyway. The S… Read more

Possible Samsung Galaxy S IV Images Emerge on Chinese Forums

We are only days away from Samsung’s official announcement of the Galaxy S IV and leaks continue to stream out to the public.  The latest leak is a series images posted on the Chinese Forum, 52 Samsung.   The device portrayed is apparently called the “GT-I9502″ and is customized for one of the local carriers, Unicom.  The specs on this device… Read more

Google Support Page Outs Google Now Widget

Google now is slowly, or even possibly quickly for some of you that are just getting your hands on Jelly Bean, becoming a big part of our Android experience.  I know I couldn’t wait to have Google Now and worked hard to get Google Now working on my Epic 4G Touch running ICS.  Before, I never used to put addresses in with my calendar events, but now… Read more

Jelly Bean Build Leaked For Verizon Galaxy S III

The Verizon Galaxy S III has gotten its first leak of Jelly Bean… a week after Sprint officially updated their S III’s to it. It’s better than nothing, but Verizon has to step up their game! The build is I535VRBLI5, and is already being made into custom ROMs for those of you with unlocked bootloaders. We just hope that Verizon will bring the official… Read more