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RIM Plans Blackberry Playbook Exit From Sideloading Android Apps, Says Market Is “Cesspool”

Research in Motion has announced their plans to stop allowing Android apps to be side loaded on the Blackberry Playbook says Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations for Blackberry. Saunders said that RIM wants to avoid “duplicating the chaotic cesspool of Android market.” RIM’s comments are an obvious dig at the Google Play Android app… Read more

UPDATE: Google & Apple not on board with ESRB

Earlier we reported that the ESRB in conjunction with CTIA had plans to implement a system of rating applications based on the current rating system in place for games. Unfortunately, it looks like the two mobile app powerhouses are not on board with their plans for app-rating domination. Google and Apple have both stated that they will not be incorporating… Read more

Android Market website now supporting unofficial devices

When manufacturers create an Android device, they need to get it certified by Google (and probably pay a fee) to use the Android Market, and other apps like Gmail and Maps. But some manufacturers decide not to, and create their own app store. To get the Market on there, you’d have to side load the apk, and then install it on manually. Once this was… Read more

Nook Tablet rooted bringing Android Market Apps

Yes, the Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet has been rooted. Since the Nook Tablet was released scarcely a week ago, it has been inspiring a lot of chatter in the Android-sphere, or Droidsphere if you will. After a few days, roots for the Nook Tablet have popped up both for PC and Mac users. The newly-released root by Indirect is a permanent root that adds… Read more

Download the Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard for any 2.2+ Device

The Galaxy Nexus U.S. launch is still up in the air leaving Android fans clamoring for any bit of Ice Cream Sandwich they can find. Thankfully the always resourceful Android community has come through once again and provided the much improved Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard to download. The keyboard will work on any device running Android 2.2 and above;… Read more

Android Market changes galore

Google isn’t ready to hold back yet. Just announced at Google I/O, the ever-growing Android Market is in for a world of change with new features, developer tweaks, expanded international availability, and more. First up, there are massive changes being made to the Android Market in order to promote app discovery. Not only will you find suggestions… Read more

Web-based Android Market now gives you suggestions

Need a quick breather from I/O related news? Quietly added to the Android Market today, whenever you install an app from the web-based Market, a small list of suggested apps appears. It’s nothing too dramatic or life changing, but it will definitely make app discovery, something Android has been sorely lacking in for a long time now, a little… Read more

Google I/O 2011 news round-up

This post features a collection of stories generated by this year’s events at Google’s annual developer’s conference, Google I/O. The conference takes place over May 10th and 11th in San Francisco. A great deal of the conference is being live streamed (also embedded above), and you can access the Google I/O session schedule so you won’t miss the… Read more