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Want to purchase Android apps with PayPal?

I was thrilled when the ability to charge apps to my T-Mobile bill came along, and I was greatly disappointed to see how often the option was actually available. Sometimes it’s there; sometimes it isn’t. And I don’t like having a bunch of transactions being sent separately to my credit card. It’s difficult to keep track of purchases (and therefore notice… Read more

New app licensing from Google

In response to developers’ complaints of unauthorized usage of their wares, Google has set up a licensing service, by which – via a set of libraries – an application can hit Google’s server, which stores sales records. Every time an app with this protection is launched, it checks with Google to be sure the copy is legit. The new system will replace the… Read more

Access the Android Market from DroidDog!

Did you click on the app links in my most recent installment of DroidWars? If so, you’ve seen the most recent addition to DroidDog’s growing list of features: Our very own app store! Just click on the link “App Store” in the navigation bar underneath the DroidDog logo, and you can search the entire Android Market, search within specific categories, read… Read more

For many devs, Android is still a dilemma

It’s rare that you’ll hear a software developer say anything negative about the Android platform itself. Finding a coder who will rave about what Google is doing and the implications of their mobile OS is much more common. But when it comes to running a successful app business, iPhone is still the place to be – at least for the programmers that have made a… Read more

Droid Smashes others in Christmas app downloads.

  The holidays are a great time of the year to spend with family and friends, to share the spirit with loved ones near and far. It is also a time to download as many apps as you can with all that gift money you just received, at least that is what Droid owners think. Flurry app market analysts  released a report on Monday showing the Droid nearly… Read more

T-Mobile opens up app billing

For those of you who aren’t big on Google Checkout or need to push the payment beyond your paycheck (even though you want apps now), I have good news: T-Mobile is sending out an invisible update that allows you to bill your purchases to carrier or credit card. Image from Android and Me If you are reading this on the Droiddog homepage, click the link to… Read more

So much more than an app store

The big Android Market related news of the day is that Gameloft is backing away from Android and concentrating their efforts on the Apple App Store. Why? Because even the most experienced, talented developers and dev teams are having serious trouble breaking even publishing Android software. At least that’s Gameloft’s perspective. Are they emblematic of the… Read more

Carrier billing for apps on its way, says Sprint

We’ve been discussing this over at PhoneDog for some time (though context eludes me and I can’t find a link outside of a post’s comment thread), and Sprint is working on making it a reality. Eventually, customers will be able to purchase an app and have the charge turn up on their phone bill, though we don’t have a date yet. It’s not just for Sprint’s… Read more

Android Market download issues

How many times has this happened to you? You’re on 3G and/or Wi-Fi, you launch the Market, buy an app, and you get that “Downloading” progress bar, but it never moves. It can stay that way for hours, but after a reboot, you see that the app was downloaded and installed – probably 10 seconds after you tapped the button to purchase. I’m getting mixed… Read more