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Poll: What’s your ideal screen size for a smartphone?

It’s and age-old question, but an important one at that. Screen size plays an enormous role in the decision making process of nearly every smartphone buyer, but what exactly is the ideal size for a handset’s display? Personally, I love smaller screens. Sure, most come with their downsides, like lower resolution and compromised viewing angles, but… Read more

Poll: Can The Nexus 7 Withstand An iPad Mini Assault?

The Nexus 7 has already proven itself to be a worthy competitor in the tablet marketplace. However, with the impending launch of Apple’s alleged iPad Mini, will the Nexus 7 remain the go-to option for budget tablet buyers? In case you haven’t heard, the price of the iPad Mini is slated in between $200 and $250, the exact same tiers as Google’s… Read more

Poll: Thinness Vs. Battery Life, Which Do You Choose?

Thinness vs. battery life is an age-old question, but an important one at that. Device manufacturers are constantly raising the bar for how much juice they can fit in a slim-shelled handset, just take a look at the Razr Maxx with its 3,300mAh battery. Still, manufacturers like HTC say that they would rather focus on battery life than make an incredibly… Read more

Midnight Poll: Do You Purchase Music From Google Play?

The Google Play Store is filled with all sorts of downloadable content. The idea that Apps, Games, Music, Books and Movies can all be consumed from a single place is revolutionary in its own right. However, Google has recently made a tremendous push to become a big-time player in the music space. Although, with third-party options like Amazon, Spotify,… Read more

Midnight Poll: Which Launcher Do You Use?

One thing that makes Android so appealing is the ability to customize almost every aspect of the open-source software. Unfortunately, manufactures tend to divulge their own design standards with intrusive skins that hinder the overall experience. Many users have turned to third-party launchers to suit their needs and with the recent release of… Read more

Samsung Vibrant [T-Mobile] Questions & Requests

Well, my time with Magenta’s flavor of the Galaxy S has come to an end. I enjoyed my time with the phone and am impressed with Samsung’s deliberate and dramatic 180 on the Android stage. But, as stunning as the device is in terms of specs, UI, display, and overall “wow,” I still see room for improvement in the chasis department. I guess Sammy still has some… Read more

myTouch 3G Slide Q&R update

Those of you following my original MT3GS questions & requests post will see two new videos this morning, and I am re-embedding all three myTouch Slide videos below for home page access. Among the topics covered n parts two and three are my favorite apps the the Slide, some game demonstrations, the genius button, and Dragon Dictation. Also check out a post… Read more

myTouch 3G Slide photo and video samples


It seems like photo and video samples are one of the more popular requests I’ve been receiving lately. And after posting photo and video samples from T-Mobile’s Garminfone yesterday, a number of you contacted me indicating that you want more samples under a wider variety of conditions on future posts. I was also told that my videos need more sound. Well,… Read more