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Wine On Android Will Allow You To Run Windows Apps On Your Phone

Wine on Android will allow you to run Windows apps on your Android devices. Alexandre Julliard, the original developer of Wine, showed off the software at the FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting). Wine is ARM-friendly, and is an active work-in-progress. When Julliard was demoing the software at FOSDEM, it was apparently… Read more

GameStick Kickstarter Over, Raised An Impressive $648,000

The GameStick has been a surprising hit on Kickstarter, evolving from an interesting product with a $100,000 goal to a completely redesigned one with many more features and almost $648,000 pledged by the time the campaign was over. It also went through a period where its Kickstarter page was taken down because of an intellectual dispute, though that was… Read more

Random Metal Android Statue Shows Up On Google Campus

We don’t quite know what it means, but Google has put up a new statue. Unlike the others, which are situated outside of Building 44, this one is in Building 45 across the street. And despite not knowing what it means, I don’t think we have to. Just sit back and enjoy the good looks of that metal monster. +Paul WilcoxAndroid… Read more

GameStick Gets A New Look, Dock To Go Along With It

The GameStick has gotten some pretty big support on Kickstarter, not only blowing through its $100,000 goal but getting more than five times that. The company behind it, PlayJam, has redesigned the GameStick using feedback from people, and this is the new design. Not only does it have a bit more of a grip to it (still looks incredibly uncomfortable to… Read more

NVIDIA May Be Gearing Up To Launch Its Own Android Devices

  NVIDIA wants to launch their own set of Android smartphones and tablets in order to get their mobile CPU’s more exposure. They’ve been trying to break into the mobile market, getting their NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU into a few smartphones and tablets, but they’re still completely out-shadowed by Qualcomm. Qualcomm’s CPU’s are the prime choice for… Read more

59% Of All Android Tablet Usage Comes From The U.S.

Research from an app analytics company called Localytics says that 59% of all Android tablet usage comes from the United States. Localytics’s statistics are based on the usage of apps that have Localytics’s analysis and marketing data included with them. That amounts to 500 million+ unique Android devices that run its software. Localytics breaks down… Read more

An Upcoming Google Chrome Feature Will Allow You To Sync Passwords Between Desktop And Android Devices

Google is getting ready to add a new feature to its Chrome web browser that will allow users to synchronize passwords between the Chrome browser on their desktop and the Chrome browser on their Android devices. This has been a long overdue feature that has been available for Chrome for iOS for a while now. Chrome’s development team has been discussing… Read more

İstanbul Escort

İstanbul ve civarında ki en taş en kaliteli hatunları ayağınıza kadar gelsin istemezmisiniz, ister evinizde size eşlik etsin ister yatağınızda size karılık yapsın, hemde uygun fiyata. Dırdır yok kıskanma derdi yok hiçbirşey yok ama istediğiniz sıcaklık, esneklik ve yataktaki sıcak pozisyonlar hepsi bu hatunlarda mevcut, bu hatunlar… Read more