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CyanogenMod Rage Comic for Vibrant owners

It’s not polite to complain about free stuff, especially when that free stuff comes from a group of programmers and hackers who have worked hard to deliver the latest and greatest software to all of our phones. Not to mention that the software often includes fixes and features that the OEMs who built those phones may never get around to publishing. And… Read more

Bejeweled 2 launching this week

As far back as early November, PopCap Games’ development director, Sameer Baroova, was quoted as saying “I am delighted to confirm that we are working on bringing both Peggle and Plants vs Zombies to Android in early 2011.″ Well it’s early 2011 already, and while Plants VS Zombies and Peggle are still a ways away, a different PopCap game – the… Read more

3D animation teacher’s assistant makes anti-Apple Android spot

Reddit user donttreadonmike (YouTube account is saintmichaelsarmoury) is a teacher’s assistant at Platt College San Diego. Students of 3D design at the college needed an example of what was expected from them in an animated logo project. So, the TA created this animation to set the standard and to ” the Android love any way I can.” Don’t be surprised if… Read more

Motorola Cliq 2 is now available at $99 from T-Mobile

MotoBlur fans, rejoice! Motorola’s follow up to the original T-Mobile chunky QWERTY Android slider (no, not the G1) is now available at Retailing at $399, the Cliq 2 can be had with a web discount of $200 and a mail-in rebate of $100 for a final cost of $99…if, that is, you’re ready to activate a new Even More plan with two year… Read more

Will T-Mobile’s G-Slate rock 3D features?

Information on T-Mobile’s upcoming Honeycomb tablet, the LG G-Slate, has been scarce. T-Mobile and LG gave us very little to go on with their announcement at CES. We’re all expecting the gadget to be launched to soe fanfare at MWC in Barcelona in a few weeks, but what will make this tablet stand out amongst the sizable crowd of Android tablets currently… Read more

Kongregate Arcade yanked from Android Market

Google doesn’t like Android apps that exist primarily to facilitate the download of other apps, and for good reason: those other apps can’t be checked and tracked for malicious code. Not to mention the creators of the host app could change download sources and target apps at any given time. There are many other legitimate reasons to pull an app from the… Read more

Apple’s looking for a fight with the bulky and the bizarre

In a recent earnings call with acting COO of Apple Tim Cook, a lot more than Apple’s incredibly massive profits were discussed. Among talks of a 26.74 billion dollar quarter, were also talks of the iPad and its competitors – the bulky and the bizarre. According to Cook, Windows tablets come off as heavy and expensive, and Android tablets come off as… Read more

Bad news: Booty Symphony stinks

A lot of Android sites are reporting today on a new app by T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment called Booty Symphony, but very few have been dumb enough had the courage to spend $2.99 on the app for a couple of screenshots and some personal experience with the software. But DroidDog is different, folks; we are dumb enough do have the courage. So what… Read more

Look of Disapproval now available

Are you looking for a fun and free way to tell the people around you that you simply do not approve of their behavior? Has opening your mouth to speak become too tiring? Not in the mood to write a short note or shoot off an email? It’s time for you to download the free app from the Android Market, Look of Disapproval. This Jon-Carlos Rivera program displays… Read more