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Action Launcher Pro Review: Really Simple, And I Really Like It

Last Friday we found out Action Launcher, a new launcher from developer Chris Lacy, was finally released.  There are a few reasons why I was excited about this release. First, if you’re not familiar with Chris Lacy, he’s the developer of the popular twitter client for Android, Tweet Lanes.  Tweet Lanes was a beautifully holo styled Twitter app that… Read more

Favorite App Of The Week: Little Generals While we love console quality games like Dead Trigger, and Asphalt, you have to sit down and play them. They take dedication and time. Sometimes we want to just waste some time when we have a 5 minute break, and what better way than a simple but extremely fun game like Little Generals? Little Generals starts off with a… Read more

Timer is a Simple Holo-Themed Countdown Clock [Video]

Timer is one of my favorite new Android utilities. Not only is it functionally solid, but it’s beautifully themed complies with Android’s design guidelines as well. Well done! Say you do laundry every week and know that it takes 45 minutes in the washer and 1 hour in the dryer before it’s done. You can save an individual timer for each of these… Read more

Set Orientation: A Free App That Gives You Orientation Control, Specifically On Your Nexus 7

For some reason, It’s never been a big deal to me until today.  I bought a case specifically so I could use my Nexus 7 supported in portrait mode.  I’ve also toyed around with editing the build.prop file on the Nexus 7 to get the home screen to rotate, but that wasn’t enough.  I installed Spotify on my Nexus 7 today to hook it up to my home stereo,… Read more

24 Month Transaction Display and Access to Liquid Accounts Among New Features for Chase Mobile App

When it comes to mobile banking, Chase has undoubtedly been the leader in convenience and efficiency.  They were the first major bank to offer mobile check deposit and are now continuing their reputation for innovation by the latest updates to their app.  Via the Google Play store, they announced your Android device is now able to: -Display up to… Read more

Featured App Friday, This Week’s App: Tweet Lanes

Welcome to our newest segment here at DroidDog! Starting today, we’re going to be bringing you an app review every Friday called Featured App Friday. We’ll review an app, tell you what we liked and what we didn’t, and then tell you whether or not you should download it! If you want to suggest an app for the segment then feel free to send your app… Read more

App Review: Amazing Alex

Rovio’s new game has officially been released. And it brings much of the same simple, addicting, time-wasting entertainment that Angry Birds brought us. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what will keep you entertained for the next few years. The game brings in the same physics-based aspect of Angry Birds but allows you to create your own… Read more