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Draw Something Updated with a “Fresh New Look”

The popular “social drawing and guessing game” recieved an update Tuesday with what OMGPOP is claiming as a “fresh new look.”  The main screen has received some color changes, with a top bar now with your coin and bomb totals as well as the settings changes button.  I’m going off of memory here, but when I first updated, I don’t remember being able to… Read more

Wallpaper Wizardrii for Your Wallpaper Woes

So I’ve never had a big issue with it until today, but I know that getting your wallpaper set up the way you want it on your phone can suck.  Today, I flashed the newest leak on my Epic 4G Touch (I know… I said the OTA was ready.  If you want to ask me about it you can…  it’s pretty much ready) and all of a sudden I couldn’t get my wallpapers to… Read more

Kobo eBooks Updated With Improved Tablet Support

The popular eBook reader for Android, Kobo eBooks, was recently updated with some nice changes.  For starters, the app overall is all a bit prettier and seems smoother.  The app developer also mentions the opportunity to share reading activity on Kobo Pulse as well as your Facebook timeline.  Something I find really cool about the Kobo eBooks app  is… Read more

360 Panorama now available on Android Market

Tired of NOT being able to take panoramic pictures on your Android device? Wait no more. Occipital’s 360 Panorama has officially hit the Android Market for all of you running Android 2.3 or above (no Honeycomb support as of yet). The app was first seen on the App Store for iOS devices and it hasn’t changed much (or at all). What makes this app great is… Read more

App Review: SugarSync

In today’s field of mobile technology, cloud storage has become an increasingly popular trend for storing media, documents, and other data that you would normally access on your phone, tablet or computer. The number of options has recently increased largely for anyone wanting to join in on the cloud revolution.  SugarSync, an app made by a developer of… Read more

MKB Reviews: HD Widgets [Video]

HD Widgets is a collection of a dozen or so beautifully tablet-optimized widgets available for $2 in the Android market. These widgets have a few tappable functions: Tapping the clock opens the alarm clock, and tapping the weather will display a custom fullscreen information panel about weather in your area. All in all, what’s not to like about HD… Read more

Widget Watch: Go Weather

One of the best things about Android, and one of its distinguishing features, is widgets. Widgets are ment to be added to the homescreen of your Android device, and usually contain some sort of information, or act as a switch for an action. In my personal homescreen layout, every page has a widget. Whether its weather, Twitter, Power Control, contacts,… Read more

App review: Go!Chat for Facebook

As crazy as this sounds, I still have friends who don’t have a cell phone. Those same friends, believe it or not, all have a laptop, desktop, or iPod Touch (since Android is seriously lacking in an alternative at the moment) which they use to stay glued to Facebook. So if I can’t easily text or call them, what am I supposed to do? Facebook has a chat… Read more