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App review: Alchemy

Did you know that if you mix fire and water, you get alcohol? Did you know that if you mix alcohol and wheat, you get beer? Or how about if you take beer, and add a brick house, you make a bar? Welcome, to Alchemy. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, alchemy is “an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting.” Alchemy for Android is an… Read more

Game Corner: Robotek

Every now and then, I happen to stumble upon a game that it so good it makes me wonder why it took so long to discover it. I’ll start playing, everything looks great, the game feels fluid, and then it starts to set in, “oh, this is why more people aren’t talking about it.” Robotek from Hexage falls into that category. For the most part the game is… Read more

Root Reviews: Notification Restart

Today’s Memorial Day edition of Root Reviews will be a short one, but the featured app is one I’ve been waiting a long time for. As you may have guessed, from previous Root Reviews, I love CyanogenMod 7 themes. The theme engine makes it so incredibly easy to apply them, and the number of themes is growing ever larger. The only thing I don’t like about the… Read more

Game Corner: Stupid Zombies

Over this weekend, during a five hour trip to Chicago, I had a lot of time to burn. I decided I wanted to try a new game, and I vaguely remembered trying a game on a Xoom that had to do with shooting zombies. Unfortunately, all I could remember was a cartoonisn icon featuring a zombie in crosshairs, and name with zombie in it. I began my search, came… Read more

Game Corner: Dillo Hills

Finding games that really push the Nexus S to the limit of its processing power are surprisingly hard to come by. Out of all the graphic-heavy HD games I’ve tried so far, only one has been able to really stress the device: Dillo Hills. I originally found Dillo Hills by searching for Tiny Wings, an iOS game, in the Android Market. Dillo Hills isn’t… Read more

Root Reviews: Bootanimation Utility

For the longest time, changing the boot animation on my Nexus S never appealed to me. I never payed much attention to it, and besides, I didn’t have a problem representing CyanogenMod 7 every time I turned my device on. Then I saw something that changed my mind. It was a Honeycomb boot animation that was colored like the Nexus symbol. I really wanted it,… Read more

Game Corner: Robot Unicorn Attack

What could possibly be cooler than a game titled Robot Unicorn Attack? Well, not much. You see Adult Swim — responsible for “adult” animated series like Metalocalypse, Super Jail, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, etc. — is sort of in the business of being cool. Fortunately for , they’re not only good at making games sound cool, they actually play very… Read more

Root Reviews: Kernel Manager Pro

One of the more popular terms you’ll hear during your quest through the wide world of Android modification is kernel. Essentially, the term kernel in Android refers to the virtual bridge between the hardware of your device and the software, that also manages base services. In the more technical wording of the Android Developers Blog, Android relies… Read more

Android app review: Wunderlist

My years-long hunt for the perfect GTD (getting things done) application has taken me on a complicated and sometimes expensive journey. For a long time, the premium service, Remember the Milk was my go-to solution for chore organization, thanks to its broad cross-platform support and adoption by developers in diverse OS camps. While I find RTM valuable,… Read more

Game Corner: Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is yet another one of those ported-over-from-iOS games that has done incredibly well in the Android Market. Not only has it been downloaded some 100,000 – 500,000 times, but there’s also a special version just for Tegra 2 devices with a THD name tag. So how does Fruit Ninja stack up to other made for Android games? What makes Fruit Ninja… Read more