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Root Reviews: Barnacle WiFi Tether

Ever since Android devices were first being used as modems, there’s been a lot of debate surrounding the subject – Best app, USB or wireless, should you pay, etc. As far as all this plus compatibility and ease of use is concerned, I’ve only ever felt the need for one app: After first opening Barnacle WiFi Tether, you are presented with all you really… Read more

MKB Reviews: VidTrim

VidTrim is a simple video editing application for Android that doesn’t require a beast of a processor or a high resolution screen. It allows you to do simple cutting and trimming that solves the problem of shaky beginnings and endings of videos where you’re fumblig for the camera button. Coming in ata hefty $0.98 for the ‘Pro’ versoin you’re… Read more

Root Reviews: Drocap2

Screen-caps, screen-grabs, screen-shots… Whatever you call them, the ability to take one is at the top of the list of reasons to root your Android device. Yes, there are alternatives to running a root-only app to attain screen-grabs, but none are quite as easy to set up and use. Drocap2 There are many apps out their for saving screen images,… Read more

MKB Reviews: ADWLauncher EX

You’re familiar with homescreen applications, right? Many of you are probably using one right now. If you’re looking for a new one to spice up your Android phone’s featureset look no further than ADWLauncher EX. This version is available in the Android market for €2.50 and has gotten exceptionally high ratings. Check out the video review for more… Read more

Root Reviews: SuperUser

One of the most common questions asked after a person first roots their Android device is what now? At first, the options can be slightly overwhelming – ROMs, kernels, themes, mods, root only apps… you get the picture. With so much to do on your Android device before rooting, how are you supposed to keep track of everything after? Allow me to introduce a… Read more

MKB Reviews: UnblockMe

Unblock Me is a simple game. Simple in the sense that there’s a single goal and it’s pretty easy to figure it out. It’s a free and ridiculously addicting puzzle game that can sneak up from behind you and waste away hours of productivity. I’m sharing so I can make sure I’m not the only one spending a ridiculously long amount of time trying to… Read more

Review: XDA Developers Forums app

When I think of the apps that I use on a daily basis, not including the ones that come standard with any ROM (messaging, phone, browser), there isn’t that many. Other than Twitter, there is really only one app that I use a lot. Everyday. I use it for all my new clocks, new themes, and widgets. I use it to find new apps, keep up on certain types of news,… Read more

MKB Reviews: Dolphin Browser Mini

There are a lot of alternative browsers available on the Android market, from Skyfire to Opera Mini to Dolphin Browser HD to Xscope, and many more. One thing that separates Dolphin Mini from the rest is how fast it is on all devices. A lot of browsers have taken off with tons of features and addons and improvements that make them excellent on the latest… Read more

MKB Reviews: Screenshot It

This is more of an aswer to an FAQ than an in-depth application review, partially because I have been asked this question quite often and partially because this is a really simple app. I am asked pretty often “What’s that icon in your status bar?” and “How do you take screenshots so easily?” Well the answer to both questions is the ScreenShot… Read more

MKB Reviews: Bookmark Home

Bookmark Home is a neat, unique way to visualize your favorite sites and remember your favorite bookmarks. It is a website launcher and a bookmark manager that looks and feels like a home replacement application. You can add or subtract screens, change the order in which the shortcuts appear, rearrange and edit the number of rows, and much more. If this… Read more