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MKB Reviews: Itching Thumb

Itching thumb, despite its awkward name, is a really intuitive task switching application for Android. With either a double tap of the home button or a long hold of the search key you can activate it and begin making your way around its refreshing new interface. This application is perfect for people who often find themselves switching between open… Read more

MKB Reviews: Hot Reboot

This is the first application I’m reviewing for DroidDog that requires root access, but I think it’s so handy that it’s worth sharing for those of you who have already rooted your Android devices. As the name implies, this is an application that reboots your phone or tablet… Except not quite. To be quite honest there wouldn’t be much of a point… Read more

MKB Reviews: FlickFolio

If you’re a reading this article on DroidDog there’s a good chance you’re a fan of the Android platform. If you’re a fan of Android there’s a good chance you’re fairly technologically savvy. There is a likely a chunk of you out there who are Android fans and also budding photographers. For the inner photographer in you there is a very popular… Read more

MKB Reviews: Catch Notes

There are a lot of note-taking, capture, and reminder applications in the Android market, but few are well structured enough to integrate all three features into one polished application. Catch Notes is one of those few; it allows you to quickly and easily capture text, images and locations and save them for reminder in the future. It sounds boring, but the… Read more

MKB Reviews: YouTube standalone app

Google has continued its streak of bringing native Android Applications to the market, following up Google Voice and Gmail with YouTube. The latest iteration of the YouTube application features new player controls, a horizontal and vertical video watching mode, and many more features that were unavailable in the previous version of the app. All of this… Read more

Android Market officially hits the 100k mark

At first glance, this may come off as slightly confusing, as this isn’t the first time the Android Market has been rumored to hit 100,000 apps. Back in July, AndroidLib announced that the Market had reached the 100k mark. Shortly thereafter, the fine folks at Google took it upon themselves to set the confusion straight: The Market had really reached 70,000,… Read more

MKB Reviews: Hootsuite

Welcome to my full review of Hootsuite, a rock solid, ridiculously full-featured Twitter client for all versions of Android. Hootsuite has undergone a lot of updates in the past few weeks and months on the Android platform. I chose this application to review this week because of one special thing – It’s now free. Hootsuite’s full version used to be a… Read more

App review: History Eraser

As much as I love Android, there are still plenty of times when I’m trying to do something and all I can think is “Seriously? There’s no better way to do this?” Take for example, erasing your search history for the Android Market. I understand it’s such a small amount of data, it shouldn’t matter. At this point, it’s simply about just being able to do it…. Read more

MKB Reviews: Dolt

DoIt is a highly polished, very functional Android To-Do list and note-taking application available for all versions of Android. This productivity tool has proven to be ridiculously helpful when it comes to remembering things to do and where to be at certain times. It can be used as a grocery list, a to-do-list, or a place to store pertinent information. As… Read more

App review: Pattern Wallpapers

I have a problem. I change my wallpaper far too often. If I was content with the average wallpaper from the average wallpaper site, this wouldn’t be a problem. Instead, I shudder at the thought of using a picture of a car or some buxom young blonde as a wallpaper for a day (no offense if you happen to enjoy either). I’m a big fan of bold colors, stark… Read more