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MKB Reviews: XScope 6

Today we’re going to have a look at the latest version of XScope Browser, version 6, which brings major UI enhancements, performance tweaks, and more features from the previous version. For the duration of this review it will be referred to as X6. Overview X6 is an alternative to the stock Android browser that comes on the phone out of the box…. Read more

App review: Brightness Rocker

Do you ever casually stroll through the “just in” apps on the Android Market and find something great? Such is the story with me and Brightness Rocker: An ingenious app works well in any number of situations. Let’s take a second to go over the basics. The way BR works is whenever you press your volume rocker, a slide bar pops up allowing you to… Read more

MKB Reviews: Extended Controls

Extended Controls offers a highly customizable version of the stock Android power control widget that we’ve all come to know and love. And that’s what Android is all about, right? Customization. With this application you can add any one of a vast number of one-touch functions to access different functions of your Android phone. You can also change size,… Read more

Cool app: Animated Weather Pro

Sometimes I think that the proportion of free Android apps downloaded to the number of paid Android apps downloaded may be a bit discouraging to the up-and-coming developer. Other times, I think the gap is outright prohibitive for those that want to make a living. Sure, there’s a fine line to balance in terms of quality, bang-for-the-buck, and that $0.99 -… Read more

MKB Reviews: Widget Locker

WidgetLocker is a full-featured Android lock-screen replacement available in the Android market for $1.99. I think it’s worth every penny of its cost, but if you don’t believe me you can try it out for 24 hours and return it if you don’t like it. This application allows you to place shortcuts, widgets, and additional slider on your unlock screen for added… Read more

Carlos Graves’ Top 10 Apps

I have been getting asked to make this video for a while, so here it is – my top 10 apps that generally just get me through the day. Now, these are not my all time top 10 favorite apps, but they are my top 10 most commonly used. 1. Seesmic for Android 2. chompSMS 3. ROM Manager 4. SetCPU 5. Advanced Task Manager 6. Vignette 7. Dropbox 8…. Read more

MKB Reviews: Process Manager

Hello, everyone! Today we have a review of an simple yet powerful application available in the Android market for managing applications running on your phone. Sure, there are a lot of free task managers out there that have features similar to Process Manager. And yes, there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the proper way to use a task… Read more

Vignette Video Review

Introducing Vignette, a popular camera replacement application for Android. It can be found on the Android Market for UK£2.99. This application is rich with features from flash settings, to editing the pre-set effects that the application comes with…. Read more

MKB Reviews: Quadrant Standard

You may have noticed that an increasingly popular Android application has been shown off on a lot of new phones to give you an idea of the device’s raw processing power in comparison to others in its class. This application is the Quadrant Standard benchmarking application. Overall it can be described as a CPU, I/O, and 3G graphics benchmark, and requires a… Read more

TweetDeck Beta for Android Video Review

It is indeed the time we have all been waiting for, some impressed and some not, but nevertheless, TweetDeck for Android is here! Now John got to a written post before I could, so you can read all about how to get it (after watching the video, of course) right here. Enjoy!… Read more